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Mar 18 2021

5 Minor Car Problems You Should Fix Yourself


Car repairs can be expensive, and that's not to mention all the other costs associated with your vehicle. Here are some tips for solving some common problems yourself and saving money.

1. Touch up Scratches Quickly:

Rust will prevent touch-up paint from adhering properly.

  • So, don't forget to save touch-up paint in the correct color so you can touch up superficial scratches that are often found on door edges, before rust can form.

2. Use Sticky Paper:

If a cracked headlight or turn signal cap is not repaired, water can seep in and create serious damage.

  • A good short-term solution is to tape the crack.
  • Use a red or orange ribbon provided for this purpose. You can buy it at many auto parts stores.

3. Correct a Small Chip on the Windshield:

Has a pebble created a crack, chip or dent on your windshield? Take your car to a windshield repair and replacement center.

  • For a much lower cost than replacing your windshield, cracks or chips - even the deepest - can be repaired.
  • Repairs not only restore structural integrity and prevent chips and cracks from spreading, but also improve clarity.

4. Repair the Washer Fluid Reservoir:

Cracks in the windshield washer defroster reservoirs are quite common as the vehicle ages.

  • A good remedy - to wait until when you can buy a new reservoir or find one at the scrapyard - is to insert a plastic freezer bag into the reservoir and fill it with the windshield washer fluid.

5. Replace the Mudguards:

Inspect the mudguards regularly. These mudguards, however fragile on most cars today, help prevent winter water and salty mud from splashing into the engine bay, and damaging sensitive electrical components.

  • Unfortunately, these mudguards come off easily - sometimes even without the driver being aware of it.
  • Check these fenders for damage when washing your car and re-tighten them with the appropriate fasteners or replace them as needed.
  • For added protection against splashing mud, sleet, and debris, install mudguards under your vehicle.

Any hitch in your car body doesn't necessarily have to lead you to the garage, although some do need to be taken care of quickly in order to avoid larger repairs (and therefore expenses) in the future. By following these tips, you will be able to fix these problems on your own.

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