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5 Reasons Your Car Hesitate When Accelerating


If the vehicle hesitates when we increase the acceleration its means that the vehicle is not generating enough power to take the load of the vehicle. It mostly happens when you are carrying the heavier load as compared to the capacity of the vehicle and also because of cold temperature. If your vehicle is behaving like that it too dangerous to drive in this condition you could catch yourself in serious accidents.

It is better to know the causes of engine hesitation and fix it in time to avoid any serious damage; otherwise, you will get in serious trouble which can cost you a lot of money.

Top 5 causes of Hesitation When Accelerating:


1 Faulty Fuel Pump:

All vehicles are manufactured with a fuel pump that is attached to the fuel tank or outside the fuel tank. The function of the fuel tank is to provide the necessary fuel to the engine to perform its proper combustion. If the fuel pump won't work properly due to any technical fault and damage then the right amount of fuel doesn’t go to the engine which will cause engine hesitation, if you tried to increase the speed of the vehicle at an incline.


2 Mass Airflow Sensors:

Modern vehicles are equipped with the mass airflow sensors which function is to detect the volume of air going towards the engine, the sensors transmit this information to the main computer of the vehicle and main computer analyze that data and tells the injector to spray fuel in the combustion chamber for proper combustion. The main computer calculates the right amount of fuel with the formula of air/fuel ratio. But if any damage and fault come in the sensors then it will give incorrect data to the main computer which further gives wrong instructions to the injectors to spray fuel in the combustion chamber, the result can be engine staling.


3 Bad Fuel Injectors:

The internal combustion of the engine depends on the fuel injectors which get information from the main computer to spray the right amount of air and fuel mixture in the cylinder. If the fuel injectors get dirty because of debris or worn out then the injectors fail to deliver the right amount of mixture into the combustion chamber it will cause the engine to work under power.


4 Throttle Position Sensor:

The main computer of the vehicle depends on the throttle position sensor of the vehicle which gives information about the position of the throttle because the position of throttle depends on the driver if the driver press down the pedal more, then the throttle will open more to give passage to the mixture of the air and fuel. That’s why the main computer of the vehicle monitors the position of the throttle with the help of a position sensor and adjusts the amount of air and fuel mixture going towards the combustion chamber. If the throttle position chamber gets damage then the main computer will not be able to estimate the position of the throttle then the result will be engine hesitation on acceleration or in server cases it will not even start.


5 Clogged Fuel Filter:

The function of the fuel filters to remove dust, rust and any kind of debris from the fuel before going to the engine. The hesitation of the engine is the common symptom that the fuel filter is clogged because the clogging of the filter stops the passage of fuel going towards the engine. As a result the right amount of the fuel will not go towards the engine and unable to take the load of the vehicle due to insufficient power generation.


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