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Aug 16 2018

7 Reasons Why the Toyota Corolla is the Best-Selling Car of All Time

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla enjoys the privilege of being the world’s best-selling car. It holds the title of being the best-selling nameplate in the world. What keeps Corolla in demand is its high quality and dependability. Here are 7 of the reasons why the Toyota Corolla is the most popular car of all time.

  • Fuel Economy

With the rising gas prices, car buyers are concerned about the fuel costs. Many geopolitical events affect these prices and that can happen at any time. Reducing fuel consumption also results in reduced carbon emissions which is important to the environment. The Toyota Corolla is performing consistently great as a fuel-efficient vehicle. The newest models are no exception. The 2018 Toyota Corollas has excellent fuel economy figures. It can be a good choice for the drivers who want to pay less for fuel costs and also want to reduce fossil fuel use.

  • Competitive Price

Toyota Corolla is not expensive and it has been marketed as an affordable car. The Japanese automaker has maintained the Corolla’s price-competitive DNA throughout the decades. The new Toyota Corolla offers a competitive price as compared to other players in the market. Buyers can also buy it as a used car as its reliability is undisputed.

  • Value

Even though Toyota Corolla is inexpensive but it offers top-notch value. Toyota designers deliver this value by using quality upholstery and interior materials, adding on features and options usually found in more expensive cars. All of this results in a vehicle that offers drivers much for a very competitive price.  

  • Resale Value

Anyone who has sold his brand new vehicle knows that a vehicle depreciates as it leaves the car lot and is put up for sale. Toyota is a popular brand for retaining its value and Corolla does the same. The durability of Corolla makes it a suitable choice for those who are eying the future. It is a great vehicle if you are aiming to get some of your money back when trading in or reselling.  

  • Safety

Toyota Corolla performs great in terms of safety. It is well known for being exceptionally safe. The Toyota Corolla 2018 impressed the IIHS and NHTSA with the crash-test rating. It was awarded a Top safety pick and five-star overall safety ratings, respectively.  It makes the 2018 corolla model one of the safest vehicles on the road today. This is not the first year that Corolla has gotten the top safety ratings. Families can trust Toyota Corolla from the safety point of view.  

  • Simplicity

Toyota Corolla keeps it simple at a time when the dashboards of modern vehicles are looking like the control panels of spaceships. It does not mean that Corolla is without technology; new corolla cars have many great electronic safety and entertainment features. The difference between Corolla and its rivals is in the user-friendliness of the tech options. Corolla adopts a minimalist approach when it comes to interior design, by keeping controls, unnecessary bells and whistles to a minimum. Consequently, it offers a practical technology that is easy to use and helpful to the drivers and passengers.

  • Reliability

Guess, which the number one factor that keeps buyers coming back time and time again to purchase Toyota Corollas? You are right if you thought about “reliability”.  Toyota offers a great reliable car in Corolla. Many owners report fewer repair costs for Corolla. Many corollas are still on the roads with 250,000 miles or more on the odometer. Toyota Corolla is a great purchase for value-conscious buyers.

The History of Corolla

Toyota Corolla made its debut it 1966. The Japanese automaker had entrusted its engineers to make it a dependable and inexpensive car. Toyota designers built the car that allowed it to compete outside Japan and many other markets.

The original Corolla was extremely simple.  But, quality and inexpensiveness helped fuel its popularity. Later versions of Corolla introduced larger engines and more amenities but retained the guiding principles of simplicity and build quality.

It was in 1974 when Corolla claimed the crown for being the world’s best-selling car. It has claimed the no.1 spot many times since then.

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