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May 13 2019

7 Things You Should Never Do If You Are Driving a Manual Car


Gear StickDriving a manual car seems more hassle compared to an automatic car. However, sitting behind the wheels of a manual car is not as hard as it seems. The act of driving a manual car can be seen as both an art and a science wound up in one gear banging package. While driving a manual car may bring a lot of fun, there are some things you should avoid.

  • Using The Gear Lever as Hand Rest

We can see only the gear lever on the outside and it is not visible to us what is inside the manual transmission. However, it is better to know to avoid serious damage. When changing gears with the gear lever, the selector fork is pushed against the rotating collar that in turn is pressed into the gear that you want to choose. Placing your hand idly on the gear lever may cause the selector fork to come in contact with the rotating collar and consequently causing premature failure of the selector fork.

  • Using The Clutch to Hold Yourself on a Hill

It is what you need to avoid when rolling down a hill. Doing so wears out friction material and clutch. You should use other alternative ways of rolling down a hill without holding the clutch in. Doing so will wear down the car’s transmission mechanism.

  • Resting The Foot on The Clutch Pedal

It will cause the clutch to engage only partially and hence result in slippage. It may result in serious consequence like reduced fuel efficiency due to loss in transmission energy and premature wear out of the clutch. Throw out bearing is another component that may get damaged due to this.

  • Flooring The Gas Pedal When Your Engine is at a Low RPM

Flooring the gas pedal makes the car pick up speed and move faster.  However it requires the car to pick enough gas to able to speed and go through the normal shifts.  At lower RPMs, flooring your car may put your engine under stress, which will affect its health. If you need to build up speed, gently apply the accelerator pedal or shift down the gears before putting your foot down.

  • Resting Your Foot on The Clutch When Driving

Some drivers are inclined to put their foot on the clutch pedal when the vehicle moves.  Many do this to avoid moving their leg when it comes to gear change. It is not right as it will wear out your clutch. It may lead to expensive repairs. Resting your foot on the clutch is a bad habit, so try to avoid it as much as possible.

  • Using Clutch Bite Point to Hold on an Incline

Suppose, you have to stop behind traffic while going up a hill, make sure your car does not start rolling backwards. Many people do this by holding on to the clutch biting point to keep themselves steady on the incline. This way the friction material on the clutch may wear and you may be required to replace it prematurely.

Many manual cars come with hill-hold assistance technology.  Cars with this feature tend to hold the car for a couple of seconds after driver releases the brake pedal.  

  • Keeping Your Car in Gear When You are at a Stop Light

The drivers can find many signals in their city. Keeping your gears engaged while at the traffic lights affect your car since the gear engaged and the vehicle is not moving. It will put strain on the clutch resulting in needless wear and tear. It is recommended to put your car in neutral at a stop light to lessen the wear on your clutch.

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