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7 Useful Tips to Improve Your Car’s Fuel Economy


Owning a car has many advantages. But, it can also be frustrating if the vehicle keeps burning more fuel. However, here are some tips which can be helpful to improve the fuel economy of your car.

  • Take It Easy on the Pedal

Many people drive this way and try to accelerate as fast as they can. However, it is not an ideal way of driving. It is true that cars can go to high speed just in a few seconds, but the fuel burns faster. It is because the fastest you go the greatest the drag your car has to work against. However, this process needs fuel and that’s why you should be low on the pedal.

Additionally, some people have built the habit of braking in the nick of time when the red light turns on. Some people just try to accelerate faster when the yellow light turns on. However, it is recommended to move slowly and smoothly.

  • Reduce the Weight

Many people try to load their vehicles with more stuff to the point that their vehicles start looking like a cargo van or delivery truck. However, it just increases the weight of your engine, putting more strain on the engine making it work harder. However, keep it in mind that the engine has to burn more fuel if it has to work harder.

Let us encapsulate it in a sentence; the increase in a vehicle’s weight will lead to engine workload, making it burn more fuel. Get the junk out of the trunk and increase its fuel efficiency.

  • Properly Inflate Tires

Today many cars are on the road are with improperly inflated tires. It can lead to poor gas mileage and uneven tread wear. Maintaining the pressure and inflating your tires are two of the easiest ways to increase the gas mileage of your car.

You can use gadgets to check the pressure of your tires. This way, you will understand when you will need to make necessary adjustments.

  • Use The Motor Oil recommended by the Automaker

Probably you have well acquainted with the promises of better gas mileage and improved performance from aftermarket provides. You may notice how skillfully they market their products. While some of these products may deliver on their promises, keep in mind that these are not exclusive to your vehicle. Automakers run tests on the vehicle through a variety of motor oils to determine the best performing oil. It is why they put forward a list of recommended motor oils as well as alternatives. Always use the oil recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Keep the Gas Cap Fully Sealed

How many times do you check your gas cap seal? The truth is most of the people are only mindful that part of our vehicle when it comes to pressing that button to pop open the fuel door. The gas cap contains a rubber seal which prohibits the entry of the air into the tank. With the passage of time, this rubber seal wears down or fails altogether. It allows the oxygen to pass into the gas tank. It increases the amount of air entering your car’s engine while fuel is being pumped from your tank.

The presence of excessive air in the fuel makes the engine burn more gas thus fuel consumption is increased.

  • Replace Your Air Filters

It is one of the simplest and practical ways of increasing gas mileage. Probably they forget that changing or replacing gas filters is a practical way of improving gas mileage. Over the time your air filter gets clogged up with dust, debris or other particles. Changing or replacing it on time can help improve overall engine efficiency by improving its ability to draw air from the environment.

  • Use Cruise Control

Many people have the tendency to follow the lead of other motorists in front when driving on a highway. But, it is unsafe and not so fuel efficient. So use cruise control on highways. Using car cruise control will help you maintain a speed that is safe and fuel efficient. It keeps a constant speed without caring about the other motorists on the road. By reducing the need for accelerating and braking, cruise control can have a significant impact on fuel economy.

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