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9 Ways you could be Killing Your Car

That moment you drive the car out of the dealer’s lot it starts losing its value. However, you can slow this down by taking care of your car. All it requires is just a few minutes daily and changing some of your habits.  

For your guidance, here are some ways you could be killing your car.

  • Ignoring Check Engine Light

The check engine light on your car dashboard can illuminate for a number of reasons. These days’ cars come with a number of advanced features which monitor the performance of the car and its engine. The warning light may indicate some issue. However, it could be simple or serious.

Generally, car drivers tend to ignore this light. However, it can be dangerous for the overall well-being of the car. That minor issue may translate to a bigger issue in the future. By spending little money today, you may save plenty of money on tomorrow’s repairs. Additionally, the problem may be affecting the fuel average of your car.  

  • Hitting Potholes             

Hitting a pothole may seem a minor issue, but it may indicate a major problem in the future. Sometimes, it is unavoidable to prevent hitting, but it is recommended whenever possible. Hitting the Potholes can affect the car in different ways like bending of wheels, wheels out of alignment, and breaking the suspension system. Every year, many car owners spend millions on the damages caused by potholes.

You should avoid going through the ways where you may hit potholes. Stay away from such roads. However, if it is not possible, let your car wheels gently come out of that hole.

  • Not Regularly Changing the Oil

Many people fail to change oils regularly and inflict serious costs upon themselves. It is true that engines can go longer between oil changes, but it does not mean that you should not get the oil changed. The oil collects tiny metal shavings build due to the friction between moving engine parts. The car oil breaks down more and more over time and it results in the reduced performance.

Failing to keep up with the oil changes may result in low performance for your car. It may lead to serious damage if it is not handled properly. Check the owner manual and follow the schedule.

  • Not Paying Attention to the Maintenance Schedule

Some people do not realize the importance of regular maintenance of their car. Obviously, the maintenance of the car is more than just oil changes. It involves regular inspections, filter replacements, alignments, and other checkups. It is important to go through the proper maintenance schedule of your car. If you ignore these maintenances, you may fall victim to a number of costly repairs.

  • Ignoring Your Tires

You should pay attention to the tires of your car. Not keeping the proper air in tires is a major reason tire wear out more quickly. It can also affect your fuel economy and handling.  Check tire depth and inflation. Fortunately, it is simple to do and should be done when your car is serviced.

  • Braking Too Hard

Some people have a habit of applying the brakes in the last few seconds in front of the red signal. Similarly, some people follow the other cars too closely which may require them to apply brakes in a moment. It is clear that some driving habits changes can make all the difference in your car.

It is recommended to lave more space between you and the car ahead of when you are traveling on a highway. And start coasting earlier and ease on the brakes sooner to come to a gradual stop. Adopting some good habits like these will cause less serious damage to your car.

  • Ignoring the Leaks

The leaked fluids on the floor of your car parking place may indicate something. The water coming from the air conditioning compressor is ok but the other things should be taken seriously. The color of the fluid may indicate the problem with the car. It is recommended to get your car checked by a professional to investigate the real problem.

  • Buying The Wrong Type or Size of Tires

There are reasons why automakers suggest specific tires for cars. They are engineered to work with the car’s performance capabilities. Fixing the wrong type or size of the tire can affect the vehicle’s handling and may put the strain on its powertrain.

It is recommended to use automaker’s recommended tires. Some advanced system may not work if the car has unbalanced tires.

  • Overloading Your Car

Overloading the car with stuff may compromise its performance, handling and ride. It can also stress the car parts like tires, brake system, transmission, and engine. Regularly doing so can lead to increased maintenance costs over time. 

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