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Feb 13 2018

Most Reliable, Best Used Cars under $15000 You can Buy in 2018

Many people prefer used cars due to higher prices of new cars. Used cars offer many benefits at a significantly low price. But, it does not mean that every cheap used car is a good car for you. You need to do proper research about it.

You can find used cars depending on the price range you have. However, if you want to purchase used cars under $15000, keep reading this article.

Where to Buy Used Cars for Sale Under 15000 Dollars

You can avail many options if you are looking for a used car under 15000 dollars. You can buy it by dealing with a private owner or a used car dealer.

Dealing with a private owner is a great option as you can buy without any medium between you and the seller. But, it is necessary to make it sure that you make the best deal by doing all the homework before the purchase. You can ask your friends, family, and others to find a good used car in this range.

You can also deal with a used car dealer for the purchase of a used car in this price range. A major benefit of dealing with a dealer is that you can get access to a variety of cars and make a choice that fits your needs. You can get the car in a secure way. You can get access to vehicle history reports when dealing with a used car dealer.

What to Look For Under $15000 Used Cars

You can find a good used car under $15000, but it does not mean that you need to purchase the first car you see in the lot. Do proper homework before making a final purchase. It is important to inspect the car before its purchase. Here is how you can inspect used cars under $15000.

  • Inside and outside condition of the car play a major role in the value of a car. Check interior as a whole. Take a look at any repairs on the exterior of the car. It does not mean that you should not purchase a car with little repairing, but you need to make it sure that car was repaired professionally and any signs of repair are not visible. Do not forget to take a look under the hood for the dirty and rusted parts. Dirt and rust may indicate a problem.
  • Do not ignore test driving the car before its purchase. Test drive the car on highways and local roads. You can get a good feel for how the car performs on different roads. Make it sure that engine is running smoothly. Pay attention to any weird sounds that may indicate any serious problems.
  • Car leaks are a major indication of any needed repairs. These indicate a red flag that you need to take a look at. Park the car on a clean road after running it for half an hour. Inspect the car for any oil leaks. Different types of oils may indicate different problems.
  • Getting the car inspected by a used car mechanic is one of the most important tasks that one needs to do. Always get the car inspected by a mechanic to get it cleared. A mechanic is a professional who can help you inspect the car and assist you in determining the value of the car. You can even get information about the possible repairs you can face in the future.
  • Do a detective work on industry and try to help uncover more about the model that you want to purchase. You can do this easily by doing online research.
  • It is better to make sure that you are getting paid the best price that you want. Make sure to compare the prices for the same make, model and year with many online sources. You can get a good estimate of the price you have to pay.
  • A vehicle history report can help you see ownership history, previous accidents, and many other problems. Ask your dealer to provide you this report.

2008 Toyota RAV4

Toyota is one of the largest automakers in the world. It is known for producing reliable cars and now regarded as a leader in producing such cars. RAV is an example of reliability that Toyota offers. It is a fantastic family car that offers many safety features and a good fuel economy. Except for body and interior, this car is regarded best in many other ways. The powertrain of the car was rated among the best. 2008 Toyota comes with a 269 horsepower v6 or a 166 horsepower 4 cylinder.

Toyota Used Cars List

2007 Honda Accord

Honda is one of the most popular car brands famous for producing reliable vehicles. It has produced many quality vehicles over the time. Honda Accord is one of them. Its price may feel high at first glance, but the main reason is that it offers a high mileage. High Mileage is one of the many factors that make it suitable. It offers a higher reliability. 2007 Accord is offered in two versions; 244 horsepower V6 and a 166 horsepower 4-cylinder.

Honda Used Cars List

2010 Ford Fusion

Ford is famous in America for producing vehicles that make American auto industry proud. It is one of the best cars when compared to other four-door sedans. 2010 Ford Fusion is one of the most reliable cars. It comes either in a 205 horsepower V6 or a 160 horsepower 4-cylinder.

2008 Acura TL

Acura is a luxury marquee of Honda. It is famous for offering stylish cars that offer something worth watching. 2008 Acura offers exciting driving experience with a great reliability. It is a mechanically sound car. 2008 Acura comes in a standard as a front-wheel-drive V6 automatic. But, the S trim offers a 5-speed manual and extra horsepower. 

Acura Used Cars List

2008 Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey is a great car if you can haul a large cargo. It comes with some amazing features like its safety rating of 9.8 out of 10. With that, it offers to seat for eight and 38.4 cubic feet of space behind the third row. By folding all the seats you can get a free space of 150 feet of space.

2007 Honda Fit

Honda Fit is a popular car for its reliability. It has a significant presence in every category it competes in. It has amazing reliability and safety scores. Its cost is among the best. It has a great safety and reliability score. It is best for those searching for a roomy interior.

2007 Acura RL

Many people like cars equipped with the latest technology. But, high prices of tech-equipped cars make it difficult for them to do their work. Acura RL is a good car that equipped with the latest technology at that time. RL models equipped with technology package have voice-activated navigation, real-time traffic, and a rear-view camera. It received good safety and reliability scores that prove it even a better car.

2009 Hyundai Genesis

It is one of the best-used luxury cars you can find under 15k. It has a quiet, roomy cabin with and technology that you might expect in that year. But as a used car, that may vary. It offers a great safety rating of 10 out of 10. 

Hyundai Used Cars List


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