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Feb 13 2018

Best Used Cars under $6000 You can buy in 2018

Used cars have become a major contribution to the auto industry. These cars offer affordable rides at a significantly lower price than new cars.  

The low price of the used car does not mean that every car you see is a good car. You need to do proper homework to find a good and reliable car. You should not underestimate research work for this purpose.

You may find many cheap used cars in any price range. But, here are a few reliable and cheap cars you can buy under $6000.

Where to Find Used Cars for Sale Under $6000?

You can easily find used cars in this price range.

A local dealership is a great place to start a search for under $6000 cars. You can visit a local dealership near you to find used cars. The dealership provides many benefits when purchasing a used car. Like, you can get some extra discounts when buying in bulks. You have a greater chance of finding a used car with a dealer due to a huge variety.

You can also deal with a private owner for the purchase of a used car in this price range. You can buy easily without any medium between you and the seller. But, it is important to make it sure that car is in good condition before you make the final purchase.

What to Check For in Used Cars Under 6000 Dollars?

Used cars go through wear and tear during after being in use for a long time. They require proper maintenance. So, it is important to check a used car before making its purchase.

  • Exterior and interior of a car play a major role in its value. Make sure to check everything in the interior of a car. Check the exterior for any repairs. It does not mean that you should not buy a car with a few repairs. Make it sure that car was repaired professionally and repairs are not easily visible to the eye. Do not forget to open the hood and take a look at engine and parts. Dirt and rust on the parts may indicate some serious problems.
  • It is best to test drive the car on both local roads and highways. You can get a good feel for how the car responds in different environments. You can see if the engine runs smoothly. Pay attention to any weird sounds.
  • A leak test is important to know about the condition of the car.  Park the car on a clean road after taking a test drive. Look for any leaking substance under the car. Different colors of fluids may indicate different problems.  
  • Inspecting the car by an independent mechanic is important. Failing to do so may lead to some serious issues after you make the purchase. A professional can tell you about hidden problems of the car. Even you can get information about possible repairs in the future.
  • Be a detective and do research to uncover possible defects of the car by reading reviews of the make and model of the car. You can visit many sites to read reviews.  
  • Make it sure that you are paying a fair price for the car you want to purchase. Check the car make, model and year from various sources to get an assessment of the car price. Car condition plays a major role, but you can get an estimate.
  • A vehicle history report helps you get to see title problems, accidents records, service points and many other things. You should ask your dealer to provide you this report.

Here are some cheap used cars you can buy under $6000.

Toyota Matrix 2003

It is a reliable and fuel-efficient five-door hatchback. It offers a roomy interior that makes it stand out.  Due to its interior, it is sometimes referred to as a small station wagon and even a mini-SUV. It offers a fuel economy of 25 miles per gallon (MPG) city/30 Highway.

Toyota Used Cars List

2005 Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai is a well-known automaker for producing reliable vehicles. Hyundai Elantra is an example of reliability automaker offers. It has been a high reliability, low problem car since its redesign in 2001. It offers a smooth ride and a well-designed interior as compared to other cars in its class. You can find a good used Hyundai Elantra under $6000.

Hyundai Used Cars List

2008 Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry is a popular car offered by the Japanese automaker. It is a great vehicle that offers solid build, dependability, quality, and a smooth ride at a reasonable price. It was redesigned in 2002 and that brought additional interior space, a smoother transmission, a more powerful engine and many other improvements.  It offers a fuel mileage of 21 city/29 highways.

2001 Mazda Miata

It is a fun-to-drive car that offers top-down driving experience at a reasonable price. It is a reliable and fuel-efficient car. It is a good car under $6000. It offers a fuel mileage of 20 city/25 highway.

Mazda Used Cars List

2002 Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey is one of the most popular vehicles offered by the Japanese automaker. Since its redesign in 1999, it has been the best minivan on the market. It is a reliable, well-made and roomy ride. It has a great crash safety record. But this car experienced a downside in some previous years, so it is costing some owners with repair bills in excess of $3000.

2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe stands out as the clear bargain of in other SUVs in the similar price range. It offers a fuel mileage of 18 city/25 highway.


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