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Oct 12 2017

Best Used Toyota Cars You Can Buy Today

Toyota is one of the largest automakers of the world. It has made some incredible cars from the day of its foundation. It is regarded as a reliable car manufacturer. Here are some of the best cars you can buy today.

1999 Lexus RX300

Lexus is a luxury division of Toyota famous for reliable luxury cars. Lexus is known for high quality luxury cars. The arrival of RX 300 pioneered the move of SUVs to passenger-car platforms. Lexus RX300 is a popular car that represented more than 40 percent of Lexus sales at a time. At that time it was the beginning of brand’s dominance of the mid-sized luxury cross-over segment.

2000 Tundra

Toyota Tundra is a pickup truck that is manufactured in United States since 1999. It was nominated as North America truck of the year award. It is Toyota’s first full size truck. This truck challenged the America’s highest and high volume segment and it has been a success for Toyota. It is a cheap truck that you can buy.

1990 Lexus LS400

This luxury car from Lexus made its name soon after it made its name in the luxury sector. Built with high quality it attracted everyone with the base price of $35,000. It was Toyota’s aim to dominate the world with this car.

1993 Supra Turbo

It can be said as the most accessible super car with its 320-hp, twin- sequential-turbocharged form. It gained much popularity through 2002.

1992 Camry 

It is not a first Camry but it is a great one. With limousine-style doors, a comfortable interior, this generation is one of the most popular one. It can be said as the greatest Toyota of all time. This Camry started selling in huge numbers soon after it started selling.

2012-Present GT-86

GT-86 is a jointly manufactured car by Toyota and Subaru. In USA and Canada it is sold as Scion FR-S. In Europe it is known as GT-86. It won the car of the year title by Top Gear Magazine in 2012. It is a good car for those who love speeding. Low center of gravity and perfect dynamics make this car more fun to drive.

1992 Mk. IV Supra TT 

It is a car that many love because it is a twin-turbo I6 Toyota that sends 320 horsepower to rear wheels. It is a great car if you are looking for a speed per dollar spent car. 

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