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Feb 01 2018

                      7 Apps for Finding Best Deals on Cars in 2018

Apps are getting important with the passage of time. These are used for many tasks including online shopping. Why not use apps for buying cars?  Car shopping is a task that requires thorough research and checking listings on multiple web-portals. It has many other benefits like they can send you alerts when something new happens like a price drop. Overall, it provides a great experience.

  • Used Car Search Pro

It is a useful app for car buyers. It searches thousands of dealerships and private sellers for cars. This app makes it more valuable by judging the market value of the car and makes it sure that you are getting cars at a fair price.

  • Car Buying By Kelley Blue Book

It is a famous name in the auto industry. This website provides a broad spectrum of car tools. But, car buying app focuses on reviewing, pricing models of your choice and finding dealerships near you. Not only that you will also access car picture and in-depth videos. This is simple to use app that contains much useful information.

  • TrueCar

It is a website that is paid by dealerships so they can obtain potential buyers contact information.  

With this useful app users can search for the cars and can see the price others have paid for the same car. It gets a price breakdown on the basis of what others have paid. This app deals with partner dealers. It searches on their dealership about the pricing of cars.

  • Instamotor

It is a private-party market where people can buy and sell used cars directly. This app provides additional benefits by providing free fraud check, vehicle history report and a recall check.  Sellers set their own price, so prepare to wrangle.


This app lists down a list of new and used cars near you with an extensive breakdown of vehicle details and features. With many other features, it provides a car comparison tool that shows how vehicles are priced in a given area. You can turn the app’s on the lot tool the next time you are at a dealership to instantly compare nearby dealership inventory and find special local offers.

  • Autolist

It is an amazing app that claims to have largest car listings of thousands of car apps and useful dealership listings. It presents a great view of car listing with large images. Other features of this app include dealer profiles and car’s price change history. You can also get alerts when car price drops on one of your favorite listings.

  • Car Buying Guide

This is a guide offered by Consumer reports for buying a car. This is a well-designed app. It offers options to read the car buying guide and try its loan and lease calculators. It provides the section of the questions that one need to ask the seller. This app serves only as a guide and many users may find it a limitation of this app. 


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