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Engine Failure Warning Light: Main Reasons Why it Jumps


It has sometimes happened to every driver that the engine failure warning light on the instrument panel comes on. That fateful little light makes the alarms go off and we expect the worst. However, it does not mean that the car has a serious breakdown, we have already seen it in the meaning of these lights. There are several main reasons why the engine failure warning light may come on, some more severe than others. We review the most common causes, although it will always be advisable to consult each case with a professional.

Because we are going to talk about some possible reasons, but it will not be until the car is connected to a diagnostic machine when it is really known what that engine failure warning light means. You have to go back saying that the amber lights are minor failures and the red ones are more serious, so it may be a minor thing. In many cases, it is due to some minor components that are in poor condition.

Causes Why the Engine Failure Warning Light Comes on:

1) Lambda Probe:

The Lambda probe is a sensor located in the exhaust pipe that is in charge of checking that combustion is optimal and that gases are transformed properly. It is also known as an oxygen sensor for its ability to measure that element. There are occasions when the engine failure warning light comes on due to a failure of the Lambda probe or the existence of coolant leaks. Replacing this component can cost around 200 euros.

2) Catalyst:

Also related to the previous one, the catalyst serves to reduce polluting emissions from the vehicle. The catalytic converter transforms some harmful particles into others that do not harm the environment. A breakdown of this component would also light the warning light and it is also something quite expensive to change. Your repair can exceed 600 euros.

3) Plugs:

The plugs are components which are changed easily in cars of yesteryear (they are now less accessible). A bad condition also causes engine failure, so you have to be vigilant. Replacing them on time is not expensive, but if you let the problem go it could turn into a more serious and costly breakdown. We leave you their ten most common problems. Also, the fault may be in the spark plug wire.

4) Fuel Tank Cover:

Something very simple and that can also make the engine failure light come on is that the fuel tank cap is not in good condition. That could also lead to higher consumption and increased emissions. Although it may seem simple and that does not usually happen, it is present in a significant percentage of cars every year.

5) Thermostat:

The thermostat is the element in charge of detecting the engine temperature and regulating the cooling so that it is always at an optimal operating point. If it is not detected correctly, this "motor failure" may occur. The thermostat repair is usually around 150 euros.

6) Ignition Coils:

The ignition coils are part of the starter and erratic operation can also lead to the engine failure warning light turning on. It is advisable to change them on time, at a cost of about 200 euros, since not doing so could lead to more serious problems.

7) Flowmeter:

The flowmeter serves to dose the air entering the engine to also determine the fuel required for the mixture. If it does not work correctly the consumption could go off and it would also give us the engine failure. Its replacement can be around 350 euros.

8) Emission Control Systems:

Like the Lambda probe and catalyst, there are other emission control systems that could be related to this problem. We are talking about the emission control valve, which when burning fuel remains can get stuck; or the emissions evaporation system, which controls the gases that are expelled. These two elements have a repair close to 150 euros.

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