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How to Import Japanese Used Cars to Zimbabwe?

Japanese cars are famous all over the world for their durability. Many people prefer used cars from Japan instead of buying from local dealers.

It is easy to import used vehicles from Japan. But, many people do not make it due to the lack of information. They see it as complicated. However, Japanese vehicles are easier to import all over the world.

If you live in Zimbabwe, Have you ever thought about the import of Japanese used cars in Zimbabwe? Do you think that importing a used car from Zimbabwe is complicated? Do you want to import yourself but have not been able to due to the lack of information? This article will make things clear to you. Importing cars from Japan is easier than you think.

Here are some steps that can help you for the import of Japanese used cars: 

Make your choice:

The first step is the choice of car that you want to buy. You have to choose from many vehicles of your choice. Find a well-used car exporter after you have made the choice. You can use the internet to search for the used car exporter websites. Take some time to consider their reputation and experience. Ask their past customers and select the one that fits your needs. You can choose Zulfiqar Motors as your trusted partner for the export of Japanese used cars

Which Port to Choose?

Next step is the selection the port of delivery. There are three ports that you can use; Durban of South Africa, Dar es Salaam and Walvis Bay of Namibia.

If you want to drive your car home after it arrives on the port, you can go for Dar-e-Salam. On the other hand, if you want your vehicle to be delivered directly to Zimbabwe you can use Durban. You can get the vehicle delivered to Zimbabwe border or directly in Zimbabwe.

Order and Payment

After the selection of vehicle and port, it is time to order. Order on the exporter’s website and you will receive an invoice.  Read everything carefully and then pay the amount.  If you find something that may look extra, ask the exporter about it.

Go to a bank and pay the fees. Ask for a “TT Copy” after the payment is made. You may see some additional charges that may be related to freight charges. 

Shipping of Vehicles

Next step is shipping. Every month some vessels leave for Africa.  The total time for the vehicle that to order to its delivery is expected to be between 6-8 weeks. 

Port Clearance and Delivery

You will need the help of a clearing agent after your vehicle arrives at the port. He will clear your vehicle at the port.

Pass the bill of lending to the clearance agent so he can clear the vehicle for you. If you are having the vehicle delivered to Zimbabwe you may receive it a week later. On the other hand, if you want to drive the vehicle home back yourself you can ask the clearing agent to hand it over to you.

Some Rules and Regulations to Remember

Here are some rules and regulations that you need to keep in mind when importing Japanese used cars to Zimbabwe.

In Zimbabwe, cars are considered luxury. Although there are no restrictions when it comes to car import, import taxes, fees, and duties may apply.

Commercial vehicles like buses and trucks are taxed less than the cars.

Age Restriction:

There are no age restrictions for the Japanese used vehicles imported to Zimbabwe.  


There is no mandatory inspection of the vehicles imported to Zimbabwe. Road-worthiness certificate is not required for Zimbabwe. 

Some Terms to Remember

Here are some terms that are worth remembering when importing a Japanese used car.

  • Free on Board (FOB):

It refers to the price of the vehicle itself.

  • Insurance:

When your vehicle is on a ship, it is applied to any loss or damage.

  • Bill of Lading (BL):

It can be said as key to claiming your vehicle. Without the bill of lending, you will not be able to claim your vehicles.

  • Export Certificate:

You will also be asked to show export certificate when you claim your vehicle. It shows that your vehicle is legally imported.

Importing Japanese used cars to Zimbabwe is easier than you think. You just need information regarding the import process. Visit Car exporter’s website, explore the vehicles and select the one that suits your needs. Order the car and pay the taxes and fees. You may receive your dream car after some days.   



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