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How to Import Japanese Used Cars to Zambia

Zambia is located in African continent where many countries are importing used cars from other countries. It is easier to buy used Japanese cars in Zambia than you think.

Buying used car is simple. You just make choices from many makes and models and then choose the one that fits your needs.

Here are some of the steps that you can follow to import a used car in Zambia:

First Step Is To Find a Reliable Supplier

If you have decided to export a used car from Japan, you can avail the services of a Japanese used cars exporter. Many used cars exporter provide their services and export the vehicles to Africa and other continents.

But it is not to make hurry at this point. It is good to find the history, reliability, and durability of these Japanese used cars Exporter. It is better to take a whole look at all the vehicles that the company produces.  Read their terms and conditions pages carefully so you can know even better.

Customers that they have served are also great for finding the good car. Ask their customers about their service and quality of cars.

You Need To Choose the Right Car

Taxes are one of the most important factors that come to mind when thinking about the import of used cars. It is important to note that regulations apply to all the cars that are being imported to Zambia. It is a requirement for used cars to have a roadworthiness certificate. Used cars are required to have a Jevic roadworthiness certificate. Charge for regular cars is $250; however, it may be a little more expensive for trucks and buses. It should also meet the quality inspection by Jevic.

It Is Time To Make A Payment

It is the most important phase of car import. Most of the companies prefer remittance by a bank. After you have received your invoice from the bank, it is time to make a payment.

Once you have received the invoice, send the money to your local bank to their bank. Make it sure that you have the receipt of your payment. You can show it to your supplier for the confirmation.

Shipment of Vehicles:

After your supplier has acknowledged the payment, shipment process can be started. It depends mostly on the conditions of payment between you and your supplier. You can use the port that you want to be used for the shipment procedure. You can either use the port of Dar-e-Salam or Durban port.

Clearing Agent for Port or Custom Clearing

You need to take the services of clearing agent that can make your car clear at the port. It will get your car cleared from port or customs clearing. You can find many of the clearing agents that can do it for you at a reasonable price.

You will also have to pay carbon emission surtax annually.

Importing a car from Japan to Zambia is easier than you think. It is better to have a good understanding of import rules and regulations. Hiring a reputable used car importer can make every step easier. 

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