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Dec 19 2019

Kicks to be launched in Japan, in the spring of 2020 as Successor to Nissan Juke


It has become clear that Nissan will release Juke’s successor model “Kicks”. According to some newspaper reports, it is will manufactured in Thailand and imported in Japan. This model will be released in Japan in spring 2020.

Currently, the new Juke is produced only in Europe. The Powertrian is a combination of a 1-liter gasoline direct injection turbo engine and DCT, which is not used in models for Japan.

On the other hand , if you look closely , The Kicks stylish design with inflection, but the details is common to existing Nissan models such as notebooks and X-trails, it will be easier for more users to get used to when compared to Nissan Juke. Kick may have chosen as an option considering its mass sales.

Dimensions of the Nissan Kicks:

Nissan Kicks body size is 4,295mm x 1,760mm x 1,590mm (length x width x height) (When announced in 2016).

Export models are powered with 1.5 to 1.6 liter straight 4 cylinder gasoline engine, Nissan Kick in available in both FF (front wheel drive) or 4WD.

By the way, Nissan’s second generation new juke announced in Europe in September 2019 has total body length x width x height of 4,210mm x 1,800mm x 1,595mm. Debuting in 2010, the current Nissan Juke is the current model. The total length x width x height is 4,135mm x 1,765mm x 1,565mm.

Currently in Japan, Daihatsu Rocky/ Toyota Rise, a compact SUV, was released in November 2019 and is attracted attention. This is a size that fits the 5 number standard of total length x full width x total height of 3,995mm x 1,695mm x 1,620mm and feature a square shape that is slightly shorter and slightly taller than the Nissan models.

Engine of the Nissan Kicks:

The global model Nissan Kicks is equipped with a 1.5 to 1.6 liter gasoline engine, but it is said that the Japanese version will also introduce a model with Nissan’s own hybrid system “e-Power”.

e-Power uses a 1.2 liter engine exclusively for power generation, and runs by driving motor with the power stored in the lithium- ion battery. It has a smooth acceleration feeling like EV and excellent fuel efficiency. Nissan has announced that it will expand this e-POWER globally in the future, and Kix e-POWER is likely to be one of them.

Of course, it seems that a normal gasoline model with be sold together. The Japanese version will be a 1.5 liter gasoline model.

Price of the Nissan Kicks e-POWER:

In 2018, the price of Kicks announced in North America was 17,990 USD for the FF basic model and 20,290 USD for the 4WD model. If the US dollar is calculated at 109 yen per dollar, it will approximately 1.96 million yen to 2.21 million yen. Although it is not something that can be simply compared due to differences in standard equipment settings and consumption tax, in Japan there is an impact if the starting price is below 2 million yen. Here, with high expectations, Nissan wants to predict boldly that the price of the Japanese specification will be from 1.99 million yen.

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