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Protect the Environment by Recycling Your Tires


Have you ever wondered what to do with your tires that are now too worn out to serve? Think about protecting the environment and recycle them.

Why Recycle Your Tires:

Tire recycling, at a time when the pollution accumulated during decades of industrialization is disrupting the ecosystem, appears to be a logical solution.

  • First, the dumps where used tires pile up are responsible for the pollution of several waterways. As tires decompose, they release chemicals that are very harmful to the environment into the soil and water.
  • In addition, these tires piled up as far as the eye can see in dumps are intended to be burned, used as a fuel source. This process is much more polluting than that used by tire recycling centers, which creates very little waste and harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Finally, tire recycling enables the reuse of expensive, difficult to extract and increasingly rare petroleum resources.

How to Recycle Your Tires:

There are several ways to recycle your used tires.


You can leave your used tires at a retailer, such as your garage, dealer or other new tire seller.

  • They will give them to the recycling center which will collect them periodically.
  • However, be aware that some retailers may charge a fee to collect your old tires.

Recycling Plant:

If you know where the recycling plant is and it's not too far from where you live, you can drop off your scrap tires right there.

  • Once at the recycling center, the tires will be destroyed by a chemical process called pyrolysis.
  • During pyrolysis, the vapors produced by combustion will either be directly burned and used as a source of energy, or transformed into fuel.
  • This is why this technique leaves a smaller ecological footprint compared to the simple combustion of tires.

What Do We Do With Recycled Tires?

If several tires are recycled by pyrolysis, there are other ways to give end-of-life tires a second life. In fact, tires can also be made into:

  • Residential Products: flower boxes, rugs, wheels for wheelie bins as well as soundproofing panels can be made using recycled tires.
  • Commercial and signage Products: Bases for signs, parking stoppers, step covers and blasting mats are also among the items that can be made from recycled tires.
  • Artworks: More and more artists are interested in recycled materials, including tires, whether for designing works of art, furniture and even jewelry.

In short, it pays to take the time to recycle your used tires.


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