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Purchase of Wiper Blades for the Car


Buying the right wiper blades depends on your vehicle and your particular needs. Here's a quick guide to help you find the best brooms for your vehicle.

Types of Wiper Blades:

  1. Classics: They use a ribbed metal and plastic frame that applies intermittent pressure to the rubber broom to remove road dirt, water, and snow. They are very popular and affordable.
  2. Curved: These have a very minimal frame and a spring so that they follow the contours of your windshield. Curved wipers are designed to clear snow and ice.

Features of Wiper Blades:

Wiper blades often have additional features that help them perform more efficiently under certain conditions.

Here are some additions to look for:

  1. Winter wipers: Conventional wipers can collect snow and ice because of their design, but winter wipers are specially made to reduce such buildup.
  2. Heat: Heated models cut snow and ice more efficiently. They are offered in both classic and curved styles. They are either plugged into your car's electrical system or connected through the cigarette lighter.
  3. Materials: Most models use rubber or halogen hardened rubber for the broom itself. They don't last forever.
  • Sunlight degrades rubber edges, and they can crumble or break over time. If the brushes break or come loose, the frames may scratch the windshield.
  • Silicone wiper blades are also available, leaving a thin layer of water repellent that wicks water away more efficiently.
  • The rubber and silicone are waterproof and will not damage your windshield when in good condition.

Factors to Consider:

  • The dealer where you purchased your vehicle is the best place to purchase new wipers.
  • Windshield wipers come in many different sizes. Most mechanics can help you find the right size wipers for your vehicle, but you can also check your vehicle's owner's manual or consult a wiper blade chart if you want to shop online. .
  • If you shop for wiper blades online, be sure to check carefully that you are purchasing the correct size and measure them when they arrive.


  • Change your wiper blades every six months, or immediately if you notice uneven coverage, streaks, or squeaks.
  • Salt and sand deteriorate the brooms more quickly.
  • Regular cleaning of your windshield can extend the life of your wiper blades.
  • When parking in the winter, rewind your wiper blades to prevent ice buildup.
  • Custom wiper blades are available, especially for imported cars with a single curved windshield.

While many do not recognize the importance of wiper blades, choosing the right pair can increase your safety when it rains or snows. Choose brushes designed for your car, and you'll have better visibility when you need it most.


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