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Reasons Your Car Jerks When Accelerating


With the advancement of technology vehicles has become more complex over the years and if any kind of fault comes in the vehicle it shows symptoms that can mean multiple things. Fortunately many of these symptoms can be indentified and diagnosed without any special equipment. If your vehicle jerks it could mean several kinds of problem. Here we will discuss some of the common reasons of vehicle jerking when we increase acceleration.

Top Reasons your Car Jerks When Increase Acceleration:

(1) Dirty Fuel Injectors:

This is the common issues that can be responsible for many problems. Dirty Injectors make the vehicle to lose power and make your vehicle jerk with constant speed or stopped because of the engine misfires. Cleaning of the injectors should be done at regular interval to avoid this issue. Fortunately cleaning of the injectors is quite easy process. However the injectors can be so fouled up that due to carbon deposits even the best fuel injector cleaner failed to remove the accumulated debris. In this case you need to take the injectors out and clean them manually.

(2) Blocked Catalytic Converter:

A Catalytic converter reduces the volume of pollutants that exit out of the vehicle exhaust. When the air/fuel ratio is too high, then it starts accumulating debris with the passage of time and disrupts the flow of gasses in the exhaust system. As a result it start jerking and stuttering and engine works under power when we increase the acceleration, Beside jerking there are many other symptoms which appears due to the bad catalytic converter like decrease in mileage, rotten egg smell or engine light may turn on.

(3) Faulty Mass Airflow Sensors:

If you notice your car jerking at high speeds, it might be due to the failed mass airflow sensor (MAF). Its function is to measure the amount of air reaching the engine so it can relay this info to the Car’s Computer. Then the main computer give instruct the injectors to spray the right amount of fuel at the right time.

With the worn out MAF sensor, you might experience that your vehicle start jerking or surging forward while driving at the very high speeds. An engine light should be present when the mass airflow sensor is bad then you can easily confirm with the help of the OBD2 scanner.

(4) Bad Fuel Pump or Filter:

The cause of your car jerking while accelerating is often a fuel supply issue. When the correct volume of fuel is not being delivered in the engine, it’s often to start at the beginning. In this case it would be the vehicle fuel pump. A damage fuel pump will struggle to keep up with fuel requirement and it cause jerking of the vehicle while driving.

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