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Recharge a Car Battery in Just a Few Steps

After a good day's work, what could be nicer than coming home? You try to start your car… nothing. Only a small "click" when you turn the key in the starter does not bode well. It's a safe bet that you will need to recharge your car battery.

What can Cause a Battery Failure:

  • Long periods of downtime.
  • Premature battery failure (chronic underload, overload, etc.).
  • Forgetting to turn off the headlights, interior light, turn signals, radio or air conditioning after stopping the engine.
  • Poor battery maintenance.
  • A worn or defective voltage regulator or diode bridge.
  • A very low temperature.

The Right Way to Recharge a Car Battery:

We hear all kinds of things about recharging a car battery. If done improperly, this easy procedure can cause injury.

Here are the steps to follow to safely charge a car battery.

What you Need

  • Starter cables (crocodile clips) with a minimum length of three meters.
  • A good samaritan whose car battery is functional and similar to yours.

What has to Be Done

  1. Determine the location of your battery (refer to the owner's manual if necessary).
  2. Apply the handbrake.
  3. Start the engine of the vehicle that came to assist you.
  4. Connect the red clamp to the positive terminal of the dead battery.
  5. Connect the other red clamp to the positive terminal of the functional battery.
  6. Connect the black clamp to the negative terminal of the functional battery.
  7. Connect the other black clamp to the engine block of your vehicle (to a metal component at least 30 cm away from the dead battery).
  8. Let the battery charge for a few minutes, then start your vehicle.
  9. Run the engine for a few minutes.
  10. Remove the black clamp from the engine block.
  11. Remove the black clip from the backup battery.
  12. Remove the red clamp from the backup battery.
  13. Remove the red clamp from your battery.

What You Should Not Do

  • Do not recharge a frozen or damaged battery.
  • Do not use damaged cables.
  • Do not smoke near cars.
  • Do not stick the two vehicles (you have to leave a space).

Despite your best efforts, your battery may have failed, or the problem may be with another component in your vehicle. Contact a mechanic.


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