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Repairing the Roof Covering of Your Car is Not Rocket Science!


You might think that replacing your car's roof covering is the job of an automotive upholsterer. Think again! Here's how to do it.

Is the fabric covering the roof of your car torn due to large objects forced into it? Task? Are they starting to fall and puffiness due to their age? Either way, a damaged roof covering messes up in a well-groomed car. A few hours of work, a few tools, and your car's ceiling will be… in paradise.

Make Way for Nine:

Remove the old siding by unscrewing everything attached to the roof: sun visors, overhead lights, clothes hooks, interior handles. It is now retained by the edges, which are glued under the plastic profile. Carefully spread this profile to make it come out (clamps hold it) all around the doors. Also remove the profile along the windshield and the rear shelf. Lay the cover plate on a work bench.

Cleaning and Preparation:

Tear off the damaged fabric to loosen it from the ceiling plate. Using a metal brush, remove the old adhesive and pieces of fabric. Now lay the new fabric on top of the plate, putting the foam side down. Make sure you have enough fabric to cover the entire plate. It should protrude an inch or two.

Glue the New Fabric:

The new fabric is roughly in its place. Fold it in half. Follow the directions of the adhesive, which will be quality. Spray the adhesive on the uncovered plate of the fabric, as well as on the half of the fabric that you just folded. Return half of the glued fabric to the plate. Do the same for the other half. When all of the fabric is in place, start smoothing it down from the middle to remove any wrinkles and make sure the new fabric adheres well to the plate. Leave to dry.

Cutting and Finishing:

Using a sharp exacto, cut the fabric along the plate (on some cars the fabric follows the edge of parts of the plate, but does not go beyond it. Try to copy the shapes when you apply the new fabric). Do not forget to cut the holes provided for the ceiling light, sun visors and others. Be aware that sometimes the plate has holes for accessories that have never been installed. Be sure to cut only the necessary holes.

Replace the Plate:

Reverse the operation: push the plate under the profiles, which you screw back. Finally, replace all the accessories you have unscrewed, making sure to secure the electrical connections.

Don't Exceed Your Limits:

Equality does not reign among all roof coverings. Some profiles do not unscrew at all. Are ceiling-mounted TV screens standing up to you? If the operation seems too complex, it is really time to call in the services of an expert.

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