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Save your engine: Tips to increase the lifespan of the engine of vehicles


The life of an engine depends largely on how the driver uses it. Some small habits help your engine to last over time.

Following are the tips which help you to extend the lifespan of your vehicles:

1) Drain: do not be stingy:

Do not try to save on your oil drain especially if your engine is a recent diesel and therefore quite sharp (high pressure injection, increased efficiency). Taking the best quality allows a better engine operation but also an extended life.

Drain every 15,000 km maximum because the oil loses its properties by being heated by engine in extremely high pressure.

2) The engine must warm up slowly:

Before you want to push the reports it is very important to wait until the engine is warmed up (generally 90 degrees)! During heating, the lubrication circuits are pressurized and at the right temperature, as well as the oil that becomes more fluid and therefore more efficient (especially for lubricating the turbo), and finally the metal parts expand to obtain their size Optimal. This is an important point to preserve your engine in the long run so do not neglect this point.

However, once mounted at temperature, there is no harm in pushing the engine (from time to time). This reduces the risk of fouling (mainly on diesel). Do not forget that a gearbox is filled with oil, and that it also needs to raise the temperature.

3) Change filters regularly:

Do not leave your diesel, air and oil filters in the dirt or get damaged. Changing them regularly allows your engine not to absorb parasitic substances (iron filings, particles etc) but also to breathe better!

For the anecdote, I have already heard (thanks to a user in the testimonials) of a case of breather that sucked the crankcase oil because of a clogged air filter.

4) Cleaning product:

If some people think they are useless, know that engine products (injector cleaners, water dispersants etc ) are indeed good for the health of your car. The injection is quite sensitive, it can certainly preserve you a little more fuels of average quality. If you hear a little clicking noise during the acceleration, maybe the injection starts to seize up or the valves get dirty.

In addition, products such as Metal 5 make it possible to "remission" the engine (or rather the walls of the cylinders) thanks to small metal particles that fill the "holes" (microscopic) formed by wear.

5)  Fuel:

Using high-end fuels (Excellium type from Total) undeniably preserves the engines. I have personally seen the benefits of these fuels: since I only refuel with them the cars tested have since more failures and smoke as it happened regularly cold (the injectors seemed to suffer from certain substances present in fuels, certainly water).

So it's up to you to calculate the extra cost per year to see if it's worth it. For my part, I have roughly estimated at fifty euros rolling well, which seems reasonable compared to the cost of a change of injector.

6) Particle filters:

If your vehicle is equipped with it, you will have to travel from time to time for longer journeys at higher speeds (ideally on the motorway). Otherwise, the regeneration may not be done properly.

 A clogged / malfunctioning DPF can cause problems for the engine and the turbo that needs a perfectly clean exhaust line.

7) Clean motor:

Engines that are clogged with sooty and varied soot can have a harder time cooling down. Do not let your engine crumble under a thick layer of dirt. Be careful however, washing the engine with high pressure water jet can be harmful because some elements are covered with protective grease.


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