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Tips to Avoid Car Body Scratches During Car Wash


In the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic, of course we must follow the government's appeal to cut the chain of spreading the virus. we are required to stay at home, our daily means of transportation (cars) will be very rarely used. Dust and other dirt is sure to overtake the entire body of the car. Therefore it is very important for us to wash our own car at home. In this article we will give you some tips for washing the car to avoid car body scratches.

Prepare Car Wash Tools:

Washing a car properly is not difficult. The first thing to prepare is a tool or furniture to wash the car. Starting from the use of microfiber cloths, gloves for washing, fluffy towels to dry, sponges, foam, and a decent chamois. It's useless if you have washed the car but it is not balanced with the right equipment because the results are not satisfactory.

Clean the Whole Car Area:

Washing the car properly starts from the bottom (such as under, wheels and including wheels) by using water that is quite strong. Remember to avoid splashing the water on the car body because it can cause water spots which are commonly called mold. Especially if you wash your car directly in the sun, the water splashed on the body will dry out very easily. Mold is the main enemy of the surface of the car because it will make the car paint look dull.

Spray Water Properly:

Many people spray water incorrectly when washing their car. When you spray high pressure water while washing your car, tilt the water spray to the side. Avoid spraying water horizontally because it makes dirt spread everywhere instead of going down in the water.

Pay Attention to Car Wash Soap:

Once all areas of the car are wet, use a proper shampoo to wash the entire body of the car. Some shampoo products give off a nice smell or detergent with a special mixture. What needs to be avoided, do not use cleaning agents with high levels of detergent such as those for washing dishes. Because, the car body with a layer of paint and protection is quite different from the plate. Behind all car cleaning products, choose a shampoo that is able to balance the pH (acidity level) of the water used. Because, many do not know how much iron in water can cause rust on the car body. And the use of the right shampoo can balance the water's corrosive substances into a balanced pH.

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Dirt:

Dirt that is difficult to clean can be caused, for example, by asphalt materials adhering to the car body or even insects adhering to car parts. So, it requires a few special steps when washing the car. Namely by using a compound. By using the compound all visible stains can be removed. However, use them wisely according to their needs. Because, although the material is soft, it is very abrasive in lifting dirt and will erode the car varnish layer. Tips, use regularly, 3 or 6 months.

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