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Top 4 Causes of a Low Oil Pressure Warning Light Coming On


If the low oil pressure warning light turn on and you have examined oil pressure sensor is working proper then its mean that there is issue with the engine which you needed to address immediately. There are many reasons that oil pressure gauge don’t show correct reading and also why the oil pressure warning light turns on. We will discuss all these points below.

Common Causes of why your oil pressure warning light is on:

1 Faulty Oil Pump:

The oil pressure is built by the oil pump and it pushes oil throughout the engine to lubricate all the moving parts of engine so that friction between these parts won’t damage them. If anything happens with the oil pump the oil pressure in the engine get reduced and it cause engine light to turn on because oil don’t lubricate the moving parts of the vehicle and friction between these parts also increase and can cause costly damage.

2 Clogged Oil Filter:

Oil Filter is an important component of engine because it filters engine oil from harmful materials like metal particles, debris and solid contaminants. If these kinds of material gets inside the engine it could damage cylinder and moving parts of the engine. However if you don’t changed the filter for long time these debris accumulate on the filter and make clogged which blocked the passage of the engine oil from the filter as a result the oil pressure get reduced and failed to properly lubricate the parts of the engine. This means that you should replace your oil filter immediately before any serious damage occurs.

3 Clogged Oil Passages in the Engine:

The engine oil is mostly stored in the oil pan or crankcase, the oil capacity of the engine is mostly 4 to 6 quartz. The function of the oil pump is to create oil pressure in the engine and circulate it to lubricate all parts of the engine. When the oil pump throughout the oil it directly goes to the filter where all the contaminants are cleaned out and when the oil passes from the series of passages and reaches to the crankshaft, if any of these passage get clogged due to debris or any other reason than engine oil failed to lubricate all the parts of the engine and if you don’t fix that issue then it can lead to major damages.

4 Low Engine Oil:

The vital function of the engine oil is to reduce the friction between moving parts of the engine but if the engine oil get reduced due to some causes like broken seals and ring piston worn out etc… this cause the oil to get leak or burnt in the combustion chamber as a result the level of the engine oil get reduced and low pressure warning light turn on.

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