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Jan 23 2020

What will happen if you put gasoline in a diesel engine?


If you put wrong fuel in the tank of diesel vehicle like gasoline when you are at fuel pump station, it will gonna cause you a lot of problem and even sever damage of engine, if you went like that on a long journey. The gasoline powered engine required spark plug in order to ignite gasoline fuel in the combustion chamber but that not the same phenomena with the diesel engines, they don’t have spark plug for burning of diesel fuel, In diesel engine large volume of the air get compressed and right amount of diesel is sprayed by the injector to start the engine.

At fuel pump station the gasoline and diesel nozzles are different from each other so that we can easily distinguish between diesel and gasoline filler. But due to human error which happens mostly when you are in hurry to reach the destination and you try to do every task quickly and due to negligence you made mistake of putting wrong fuel in the tank.

Top 4 Effects of Gasoline in a Diesel Engine:

1 No Ignition:

The structure and working principle is like that it is not designed to ignite fuel, and gasoline don’t consume until ignition takes place, so automatically gasoline will not burn in diesel engine. But due to small amount of diesel fuel in the tank it gets mixed with the diesel. If ignition takes place in this condition then it will blast in the engine so server that engine will not be able to handle.

2 No Lubrications:

Many people don’t know that the viscosity of the diesel is higher than gasoline besides used as fuel for burning in the engine it also act as lubricator for the moving parts in the diesel engine. If you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle like gasoline as we all know that gasoline don’t have any lubricating effect so the moving parts in the diesel engine will become rusty and due to no lubrication the friction between these parts become increase and result permanent damage of these parts will occur.

3 Fuel System Damage:

As I mentioned you above that diesel also act like a lubricator due to its high viscosity as compared to the gasoline and If you have put gasoline instead of diesel in your vehicle it will definitely gonna effect your fuel pump, fuel injectors and fuel filter of the engine of your vehicles. All these parts make the entire fuel system. Prolonged use of vehicle in that state will damage your fuel system of your vehicle; you probably have to replace the entire fuel system.

4 Shock Wave Damage:

There are lots of moving parts in the diesel engine which works at very high speed and take load of all the vehicle if gasoline and diesel mixed fuel get burned at the combustion chamber then the shock waves of the blast occur in combustion chamber will be so intense that it will damage and even break into pieces all the moving parts like cam, pistons, rods, wrist pins etc…. Diesel engines are not designed to handle the severe detonation caused by the gasoline fuel.



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