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Nov 26 2019

The unpopularity of “Japanese yen” and “Tokyo”


One month and a half are left this year, but the dollar/yen exchange rate has not escaped the range from the beginning of the year (8.30 yen), although it gained momentum.

No big event within the year has been prepared from here, and the ending of “renewing the minimum price range in history for the second consecutive year” is realistic.

Although there is a theory that this lack of motivation is the result of "buying and selling are antagonizing", there is also the theory that the price range is narrowing due to high-speed trading by AI (artificial intelligence), but I do not know the truth There is also a theory that it may be the result of “not popular” in the first place.

This seems to be true if you look at the Triennial Central Bank Survey-Foreign exchange turnover, a three-year foreign exchange survey by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) announced in September this year.

In the survey, the fall of the Japanese yen (hereinafter simply referred to as the yen) is clearly highlighted.

Specifically, looking at the transaction volume share by currency, the transaction share of the yen was 8.4% in this survey, the lowest in the past five surveys (15 years).

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