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Dec 24 2019

Virtual Currency IEO Has ruined 98% negative stocks = Bitmex Research


Investors lost up to 98% in initial exchange offerings (IEOs), which were booming in 2019. Bitmex issued a report on 23rd. Bitmex surveyed 12 large IEO’s. Of these price of 11 projects dropped sharply. It is 42% to 98% as compared to the price at the time of the IEO.

The exception is the Mattik, you did an IEO on Binance, and has 225% return. Bitmex noted that the performance of the IEOs has deteriorated severely, despite the rise in the bitcoin price since May. The IEO was aimed at avoiding the ICo's reputation for disappointing returns by changing the C of the ICO to E, he continued. IEO is ICO unlike, not only can purchase the user of the exchange. It is said to be more reliable than ICO because the exchange will examine the listed tokens.

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