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Used TOYOTA AQUA for Sale

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Used Toyota Aqua Cars for Sale

Toyota Aqua is the third member of the Prius family and it is also known as Toyota Prius C in many other countries. It debuted in 2012 and combines the features of a Yaris-sized car with a hybrid powertrain.

C stands for ‘”city” while Aqua is a Latin word which means “water”.

It offers excellent fuel economy in city areas and also priced lower than the Traditional Prius. It is a smaller version of Prius and a more urban-friendly variant. It is an affordable economy car given its specifications.

Toyota Aqua is popular in the countries of Japan, United States, Canada, Australia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan.

Based on the reliability data collected through its annual auto survey, Consumer Reports Magazine ranked it as the most reliable 2012 model year vehicle in the United States.

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What to Consider before Purchasing Used Toyota Aqua Cars?

If you are looking to buy a Used Toyota Aqua, here are some suggestions for you to choose the best Toyota Aqua cars for your needs. These tips will help you buy a car that fits your needs.

  • Price is an important factor when it comes to the purchase of used cars. Most of the time, it is the primary factor behind the purchase of a car. You can find plenty of used cars on the market. But, you should not just consider the initial price. You should consider the price tag and the total fees that include in when the car arrives at your destination. It mostly depends on the car size and the location from where it is being delivered. You should take into account the total price of the car and then compare it with the others to choose the best value car. It is recommended not to fall for the price entirely when choosing a Toyota Aqua; you should look at all the factors involved in the purchase decision like the condition of the car.

  • Mileage tells the number of miles the car has traveled. It depends on how many distances the car has covered. Mileage is an important factor when buying a used Toyota Aqua. It gives indications about the condition of the car. So, a low mileage Toyota Aqua with 80,000 miles is better than a high mileage Toyota Aqua with 180,000 miles. Buying a car with low mileage reduces the risk of buying a car in bad quality. But, it is also true that a car with high mileage is priced more. You should also look at the quality of the maintenance of the car. It can offer you more options. A well-maintained car with high mileage is a good choice.
  • Fuel Efficiency plays a major role in the car buying decision. It affects the day to day cost of the car. So, it is important to consider the fuel efficiency of the car. Toyota Aqua is a fuel-efficient car as it can save you from hefty fuel costs due to its hybrid powertrain. Toyota Aqua Hybrid uses hybrid drivetrain and runs on electricity that contributes to the low fuel efficiency of this car. Driving habits also affect the fuel efficiency of the Toyota Aqua car. So, you can consider different factors to reach a good decision.


Toyota Aqua offers plenty of features. Here are some of the features you can expect in Toyota Aqua.

  • Air Conditioner
  • Anti Lock Brake System
  • Auto Key
  • Compact Disk
  • Crystal Light
  • Front Power Window
  • Navigation
  • Power
  • Mirror
  • Power Steering
  • Rear Camera
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Supplemental Restraint System
  • Television
  • Wheel Cover


Toyota Aqua is a popular hybrid car that offers a comfortable and smoother driving experience. It offers plenty of leg room for the passengers and enough space for the luggage. The space at the back can accommodate much. Depending on the needs, it is also possible to store things like spare tyre and tyre changer beneath the cover of the trunk.


The exterior gives the impression of strength as the solid chassis is covered by strong car body. Used Toyota Aqua is available in a variety of colors.  

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Choosing the Right Kind of Car

A car is purchased on the basis of different needs. Some people use the cars as a part of their luxury lifestyle. Some buy to go on long drives on the weekends, while others buy to perform their day to day tasks. Before making a car purchase, it is necessary to make it sure that the car you are buying suits your needs. You should ask yourself plenty of questions about your general and specific needs to reach a good decision.   

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