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4 Practical Tips for Good Car Maintenance


Cars are expensive investments in which we often spend a lot of our time. Here are 4 practical tips that will help you maintain yours.

1. Where to Maintain your Car?

  • Avoid doing this in direct sunlight: the cleaner will dry on the heated sheet before you can rinse it off, leaving a soapy film; as for the traces of dried wax, they are very difficult to wipe off.
  • Don't park it under a tree either: if twigs fall, you run the risk of accidentally rubbing them damaging the paint - not to mention bird droppings that need to be cleaned up right away.
  • Better to choose a well-ventilated garage, where the drainage system is satisfactory, a shaded area away from trees or an automatic car wash.
  • Think about pollution: do not wash your car near a waterway.

Now take a look at your watch: you should have about four good hours to do this. Remove your jewelry and anything that could scratch the car. Then gather the necessary material to make it shine.

2. Cleaning Products:

  • Choose the right cleaning product, for example, do not use dish soap. You will find all kinds of car cleaners in supermarkets, auto accessory stores, and garage owners.
  • Follow the directions on the package. Dilute it further when washing interior trim.
  • Take out your rags, preferably old pure cotton terry towels: these are very absorbent and become softer and softer with use. They give excellent results for drying.

3. Interior of the Car:

  • Clean the inside of the car with microfiber or cotton cloths (baby cloth diapers, for example) or old T-shirts.
  • Be careful with natural sponges, small debris is sometimes lodged in the holes. As for the chamois, which is sticky, only use it when water needs to be drained from the body, not for drying.
  • When washing the rags, never add liquid fabric softener to the rinse water, they will then leave streaks.

4. Rinsing:

  • Rinse the vehicle with a hose. If you don't have one, use the automatic car wash. Select a steady, medium spray - more powerful on the wheels, however.
  • Always follow this golden rule when you water it: the water must run from the roof to the bottom of the vehicle. Otherwise, you risk sending it into air vents and other places it is not supposed to enter.

Most of us spend many hours maintaining our cars to keep them in good condition and last as long as possible. Wash your car every ten days and wax it about twice a year, this is the best way to protect it.

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