New Stock Updated May 19 2024.  
257,675 units available in Japan stock, last updated at May 21 2024 11:15.
  1. Upon confirmation of unit(s) with Zulfiqar Motors Co., Limited, we require that (50%) is to be sent immediately to the company bank account and the final (50%) paid immediately after the ship leaves from Japan.

  2. Confirmation is based upon first come, first serve. Once this amount is received, we then arrange for shipment on the next available vessel. Please note that sometimes vessel names and dates are subject to be changed by the shipping company or delay may occur, there are reasons beyond our control. For this we are not responsible to pay any claim(s).

  3. All delivery of vehicles are in "As is" condition. To facilitate the customers, a grading system has properly been designed. All information regarding the grading system is shown on the front page of the picture selected. Approximately USD 500 will be needed to take care of minor defaults, but most vehicle(s) do not necessarily require repairs. When these units are bought from the auctions there are "As is" therefore, there is no warranty regarding the accuracy of the mileage on the odometer.

  4. Furthermore, being used vehicles on the internet, we display the year model according to "MASHO" (Japanese certificate/first registration of the vehicle). Sometimes year of manufacture is different on the seat belt, please note we will not be responsible for that.

  5. It is our duty to notify the customer(s) and let them be aware of the malpractice that takes place during the clearance, at the importing country. Missing items such as Radio, Cassette player, CD, Power switch, Cigarette lighter, TV, Ashtray, Side mirror, Back mirror, things like monograms and various other parts of the vehicle. Therefore to assure the safety of such events, the marine insurance is optional and is additional cost of 1% of the C&F. Also please note after arrival of the vehicle(s) in the importing country.

  6. If there is any major fault in Engine or Transmission, a notification of such should be brought to our knowledge within 15-days after the vessel arrives. No complaint will be considered after the date has past.

  7. The prices of the vehicles mentioned on our stock-list are quoted in USD. However, based on the fluctuation occurrences of the yen rate, the prices are subject to change. All units under the screen of "Reserved and Ordered" will also be considered accordingly.

  8. Property of goods/cargo will be retained by Zulfiqar Motors Co., Limited, and will pass onto the buyer/importer when the price payable to Zulfiqar Motors Co., Limited, has been paid in full. No document(s) will be released/surrendered until all accounts are cleared.

  9. After arrival of the ship at port of discharge, if the accounts are not paid in full within two weeks from the date of arrival, it is specially understood and agreed that vehicle(s) will be disposed off.

  10. The importer will be liable for any storage costs, any customs breach, any damage to the vehicle, all these incurrence will be deducted from the deposit made. The refund will be entertained when the transactions related to said vehicle will be completed.


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