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Honda was founded by Soichiro Honda who died in 1991. Soichiro Honda was an ex-racing driver. Honda is world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. It is also the second largest automobile manufacturer in Japan after Toyota. Honda manufactures automobiles, aircrafts, and motorcycles.  It is also involved in Artificial intelligence and robotic research. 

Honda has a long history of producing quality vehicles. It has won many awards. In 2001, it became second largest Japanese automaker. The World’s first 4-wheel drive was a Honda while Honda Accord was the first car to have a navigation system on board. It is also popular in sports including the six motocross world championships.

Buy Used Honda Cars from Zulfiqar Motors

Zulfiqar Motors exports Japanese used Honda cars all over the world.  We are exporting Japanese used cars since 1992. You can find the list of used Honda cars available in our stock and order.  We also provide the facility of Japanese Used Cars Auction so you can purchase directly from Japan.

What to Look for in Used Honda Cars for Sale

Japanese used cars are famous for their reliability and durability. It is a major reason behind the popularity of these cars.  It is also true for Honda used cars.

Japanese Used Honda Cars are available of high quality and you can find an inspection report of the vehicle provided with the used car. You can get the idea of the condition of the car by looking at the report. But, here are some general guidelines that you can use to make sure that you are purchasing a good used car.

Most Popular Used Honda Cars

Here is a list of some of the most popular Honda models.

It is one of the best Honda cars available on the market. It has won various awards from the time it was manufactured. Recently, it was named as 2018 North America Car of the Year. It 1982, it became the first car to be produced by a Japanese automaker in the United States.

It has been manufactured by Honda since 1976. Honda has offered different versions and body styles of this car from the time of its production. First debuting as a compact hatchback, it was later expanded to include a sedan, coupe, and wagon. In its sixth generation, it evolved into an intermediate vehicle with one basic platform but with different bodies.  

List of Used Honda Accord for Sale

CR-V is one of the most popular cars manufactured by Honda. With a Civic platform, it uses an SUV body design. Its name stands for “Compact Recreational Vehicle. “Currently, it is produced in many countries including Japan, UK, North America, Mexico, Canada, and many other countries. In 2017, 377,895 units of Honda CR-V were sold.

List of Used Honda CR-V for Sale

In some markets, it is called as Honda Jazz. It is currently in its third generation. It is one of the most popular cars as its sale car reached nearly 5 million by mid-2013.

Honda Fit has won many awards including 2002 RJC car of the year award and 2012 Best Cars for Families Awards with many others.

List of Used Honda Fit for Sale

It is a popular minivan manufactured by Honda. It was produced in the wake of Japan’s economic crisis of 1990. Honda has marketed a smaller Odyssey in Japan and some other countries while a larger Odyssey in North America.

List of Used Honda Odyssey for Sale

It has a mixed design of compact MPV and SUV. It is most successful in Japan and Singapore. However, it was never available in North America.

List of Used Honda Stream for Sale

It is a compact station wagon produced by the Japanese automaker. It is a successor to Honda Airwave. It leverages packaging of Honda Fit and Fit Hybrid.

List of Used Honda Fit Shuttle for Sale


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