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Mar 16 2020

5 Symptoms of a Bad Car A/C Condenser


In the old days having A/C (Air Conditioning System) in a vehicle was considered a luxury. But in the modern era, it is a basic facility that every auto manufacture gives with their vehicle to customers. The condenser in the air conditioner is a very vital component in the process of air-drying and air-cooling. If something bad happens to the condenser of the air conditioner then it will not work effectively, especially in the summer season. In this article, we will discuss the symptoms of bad vehicle condenser.

5 Symptoms of a Bad A/C Condenser:

(1) Lukewarm Air from Vents:

This is the first sign appears when the something bad happens to the A/C Condenser. The Air Vents through lukewarm air instead of the cool air which indicates that there must of defect or blockage, cause restrictions in the airflow. If the flow of liquid and gas is disturbed then the whole system is unable to work at its maximum efficiency.

(2) Burning Smell:

While driving the vehicle is unable to exhaust the heat produced due to the working of the air conditioning system, it increases the temperature of the A/C system to the point that moving components start burning and emit foul smell you feel while Air conditioner is on. This is a serious issue and you are required to replace many parts related to the A.C System because they may be melted and no longer able to work.

(3) Overheating While Idling:

Due to some issues in the A/C system, the vehicle become unable to circulate refrigerant through the condenser and failed to exhaust heat so it causes serious damage to your vehicle. Normally the A/C Condenser cools down by the airflow from the atmosphere, but if too much heat is generated due to the damage A/C condenser then this normal process of cooling down the condenser will not be enough.

(4) Noticeable Leaks of Refrigerant:

The A/C Condenser compresses the refrigerant liquid therefore the condenser contains this liquid in very high pressure. It increases the chances of the refrigerant to leak if any component of the A/C condenser is damaged. You may need to replace the entire part before all refrigerant liquid leaks out from the Air conditioning System.

(5) Warning Lights on Dashboard:

In the modern vehicles, the auto manufacturer has given warning system that detects problem-related to the air conditioning system of the vehicle and if something bad happens it shows warning light on the infotainment system of the vehicle. Read the owner manual to see if something really bad happens with the A/C System that you need to address.

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