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Aug 17 2018

7 Things You Should Have in Your Car’s Emergency Kit

Luck favors the prepared. -Louis Pasteur

Car Trouble

That old adage by Louis Pasteur is still true. Think about many emergencies you might find yourself in during your journey. It can be a storm, a blizzard or an engine failure far away from the populated areas. You may find yourself locked out of your car or get stranded on the side of the road.

What will you do in these situations? How do you prepare? Keep reading to know how to be prepared for the unexpected.

  • Spare Key

It is not difficult to imagine the anxiety caused by the stolen, misplaced or forgotten car keys. Many drivers face this situation and sometimes it can drive them crazy.

You can do yourself a favor by storing a key in the body of the car.

It may seem like unnecessary advice until you find yourself locked out of your car. This precaution is at the top because it can happen to even the most organized peoples.

Sometimes children get themselves locked out in the car. This precaution can save the hassle of breaking open the window in such a condition.

  • Spare Tire

Having a spare tire is a must and make sure that it is ready for use.

In the age of faster response units, why change the tire by yourself? But, what will you do in an area that is not easily accessible? What if you get yourself caught in this situation away from the civilization.  

Instead of waiting for the assistance, it is better to get accustomed to Jack. A jack is used to elevate the body of your car, mainly to facilitate a tire change.

You should be aware of how to use the Jack to change the tire by yourself if you find yourself in such a situation. More important is that your tire should be in working condition.

  • First-Aid Kit

You can create your first aid kit yourself or buy one online. Here are a few things you should consider when assembling your first aid kit.

  1. Consider princess bandages as these work wonder for the girls and the pain of young boys also goes away. Think about others besides you who may require first-aid.  
  2. Are you going camping or bushwalking? Consider including ointments and bug sprays too.
  3. Some of your family members may have special medical needs like allergies. Ensure the kit contains necessary materials for these conditions.

You can also make use of the smartphone during the times of need. Download an app that contains the information about the first-aid kit. Moreover, train your kids in emergencies to ensure they are better protected.

  • Jumper Cables

A driver should know how to use jumper cables as well as a set of these cables should be in the car. Imagine a situation when the battery fails to fire up at some point in your driving life.

If you live in an area where winters are ice-cold, jumper cables are going to save the day for you more often than you would expect.

With the assistance of jumper cables, electrical power is temporarily borrowed from a charged battery to get a dead engine started. Once the engine is in the running, it should engender enough power to recharge the dead battery.

  • Tool Kit

You should have a toolkit in your vehicle. It can be useful for quick fixes or repair work, just in case you need to make a few modifications under the hood. You may also need it in an unfortunate event of a collision with a dear. You can have Stanly Kit for this purpose as it has all the basics you may need during these times: hammer, hex keys, measuring tape, screwdriver set and more.

  • Water & Food

Imagine yourself in a situation where you may be deprived of the water or food in the middle of your journey.  It is prudent to store some food and a bottle of water.

It is recommended to store a packet of emergency MREs in the car. You can store pre-packaged bottles to satisfy your thirst for a few days.  

  • Flash Light

A flashlight can be used for different purposes. You can also use it as a weapon in the times of need.

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