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Causes & Solution of Steering Wheel Vibration


The steering wheel is the controller of the movement of the car's speed and is one of the components that must be considered. For this reason, periodic maintenance and checks must be carried out. The problem with the steering wheel is that it vibrates and is unbalanced. The cause of the steering wheel vibrating could be because something is damaged in your car. Don't panic, you have to find out what causes the steering wheel to vibrate. This is the cause:

Broken Tires:

The condition of damaged car tires and bubbles makes the steering wheel shake at low speeds. The cause of car tires to be inflated is the condition of the tires that are no longer suitable for use. For this reason, if you find that the condition of the car tires has inflated, then you need to deal with it immediately by replacing it so that it is not dangerous when driving. Also avoid the use of tires that have been worn, because it can result in braking.

Wind Pressure:

It's a good idea for car owners to check the condition of the air pressure in the tires before traveling. This is done to ensure that the air pressure is in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. The reason is, if the tire pressure is not enough, it is certain that it will affect the performance of your car and be one of the causes of the steering wheel vibrating.

Dent Rims:

The condition of dented wheels is one of the causes of the steering wheel vibrating, resulting in discomfort when driving. The cause of the wheels becoming dented is that you often drive on potholes, causing a collision. When the wheels are dented, there will be an imbalance in your vehicle and cause the steering wheel to vibrate. Therefore, it is important to always check this section regularly

Car Legs:

Not only the car tires, but the condition of the car's legs can also be one of the causes of the car's steering wheel vibrating. Generally, there are several parts of the legs that can experience wear and tear, so that it affects the steering wheel of the car. The parts include ball joints, racksteer, tie rods, and so on.

Engine Mount:

The performance of the engine mounting can also be one of the causes of the car's steering wheel vibrating. Generally, the vibration of the car engine will be felt even since the engine is started. However, if while driving, the steering wheel vibrates and disrupts the car's speed, then it indicates that there is a problem with the engine mounting of your car.  The engine mount of this engine serves to hold the car engine to remain stable in its position. Therefore, if there is damage to this component, it will certainly cause vibrations in the engine and cause the steering wheel to shake. However, this condition generally occurs in cars that have experienced a front-end collision and a fairly severe accident.

Here's How to Overcome a Vibrating Car Steering:

After knowing the 'root cause' that causes the steering wheel to vibrate, you also need to know how to overcome it. Here's the explanation:

Check Tire Condition:

The first way to deal with a vibrating car steering wheel is to treat the condition of the tires. If the tires are inflated, you can immediately replace the tires with new tires. You can also check the condition of the tire tread by looking at the Tradewear Indicator (TWI) which is located between the grooves or grooves of the tires. If the tread is aligned with TWI, this indicates that the tread is thin. You need to change tires at the workshop to avoid dangerous risks while driving.

Check the Legs:

Not only tires, checking the scope of the legs such as wheels, brakes, and also the support leg frames need to be considered. If there are parts of the wheels that are dented, or the brakes and legs are not good, you can immediately take them to a repair shop for further inspection and repair.

Spooring and Balancing:

Doing spooring balancing is one way to overcome a vibrating car steering wheel. The right time to do spooring balancing is when the driving distance is approximately 10 thousand kilometers. Spooring balancing also needs to be done regularly every 10 thousand kilometers driving. This is used to prevent an imbalance in the tires, given the condition of the road the car is traveling on. So, regularly doing spooring balancing can prevent the steering wheel from vibrating. So you will be safer in driving.

Replace Bearing:

The condition of worn bearings can cause the steering wheel to vibrate. So it is necessary to replace the bearing if it shows signs of damage. However, if the condition is still good, you can take good care of it.

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