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Oct 13 2021

Don't Forget to Change The Car Oil Filter, Otherwise It will be Dangerous


Engine oil is sucked in by the oil pump and then flowed into the car's oil filter before flowing to engine components such as crankshaft bearings, camshaft bearings and valve trains. This circulation system is called full flow filtration. This method is the most efficient method for filtering dirt and ensuring only clean oil circulates in the engine, and with use the accumulated dirt that is filtered out by the car oil filter will begin to inhibit engine oil circulation. The engine oil filter must be replaced before it becomes clogged, because it is very difficult to visually confirm the condition of the oil filter, so it is highly recommended to replace the oil filter regularly according to the regular maintenance schedule recommended by the car manufacturer.

Changing the car oil filter is usually done at the same time as changing the engine oil, although there are some views that say changing the oil filter every two engine oil changes, but in my opinion with the price of an oil filter that is not too expensive, it is very risky to let clean engine oil be contaminated with oil. the dirt contained in the oil filter, and the risk of the oil filter being clogged and causing severe engine damage is not worth the price of a new oil filter. Did you know that changing the oil filter is as important as changing engine oil? So what happens if you forget to change the oil filter? The oil filter itself is a tool used to clean or filter so that dirt is not mixed with engine oil. Dirt in question is dirt that comes from either inside or outside the machine. For example, such as chemical reactions in the engine room and also the result of friction between machines in the form of fine metal flakes. Changing the oil filter is as important as changing the oil regularly because oil mixed with dirt will result in less than optimal oil performance.

The Car Oil Filter Must Be Replace:

When you forget to change the car's oil filter, various problems will arise, such as a full and clogged oil filter or filter which will interfere with oil circulation so that the oil work will be hampered. Not only that, the vehicle's engine is also contaminated with dirt that cannot be filtered out perfectly by the oil filter. The function of oil as a protector, cleaner and cooler cannot function optimally. It's not enough that the thing that most drivers don't want is permanent engine damage that requires expensive costs to repair the damage. In fact, if the engine oil works perfectly, engine maintenance will be more awake so that the risk of the vehicle engine being damaged is smaller. Other functions of oil apart from being a lubricant will also be disrupted because it is contaminated with dirt. It would be a shame if this happened only because the car oil filter was not replaced.

The Right Time to Change The Car Oil Filter:

As reported on, a properly functioning oil filter can accommodate various impurities that are generated either from the inside or from the outside. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the quality of the oil filter so that it can function optimally. It is best to change the oil filter at the same time as changing the oil. But there is another opinion which says that, it is enough to change the oil filter every 2 times the engine oil changes. If you are going to change the oil every 10,000 km, it means that the car oil filter is replaced when the mileage has reached 15,000 km. But it is highly recommended to keep changing it every time you change engine oil, because replacing the oil filter itself does not cost a lot. This is done to prevent things that are not desirable, such as permanent damage to the machine. There are still many motorists who do not pay attention to changing the car oil filter. In fact, these little things also have a big role in maintaining the quality of the vehicle. Therefore, it would be nice for you to always pay attention to every part of the car and carry out maintenance as recommended, so that the vehicle can be used for a long time with maximum performance.

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