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Dec 11 2019

Toyota RAV4 Wins the Car of the Year Japan 2019

The new Toyota RAV4 declared winner with 436 votes in the car of the year Japan ceremony 2019. This event was held at Tokyo International Exchange Center which is located in Tokyo Bay. Toyota RAV4 declared winner by the panel of 60 judges, 40 editors of Japan most famous publishers of automobiles and many OEM executives.

The Mazda 3 took second place with 328 votes. It was thought to be the strongest competitor followed by BMW 3-Series. However the Toyota beat them all by securing 436 votes.

The last win of Toyota was in 2010, Toyota Prius wins the JCOTY Plum since then RAV4 is the only car which wins award after a decade.

The Toyota RAV4 is equipped with 2.5liter four-cylinder engine, the engine produce power of 203hp and 184Nm of torque. The engine comes with eight- Speed automatic transmission with standard 4- Wheel drive. The average costs of the Toyota RAV4 is between $25,850- $32,955 depends on the types of features you want in your Car.

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