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10 Recommendations for the Care of your Vehicle's Engine


Those of us who have lived in the United States for some years now know the importance of having our own car. We make a great effort to acquire one, since it is not only a means of mobilization, for many Latinos in this nation it also means a working tool. That's why we value our cars. Let's admit it! They are for the most part our most valuable possession, that is how they look in some cases aged by the years.

But do we take proper care of such valuable property? The forgetfulness and the deterioration of the years can make irreparable damage to the operation and engineering of our car, therefore, along with the great love we feel for our vehicles, we must also lavish on them the care and attention they deserve.

Below we will share 10 simple recommendations that you can make at home, to ensure the care of your vehicle's engine. Remember, it is important that regardless of the measures you implement yourself, periodically take your vehicle to your trusted auto mechanic specialist. 

1- Check the general condition of the engine twice a month. As we mentioned earlier, it is important that you visit your trusted automotive mechanic specialist for these tasks. If you have a mechanical background, focus your attention on making sure that all components are clean and with proper fluid levels.

2- Wipe off excess dust. A half-hour cleaning with a dry cloth is enough. Mainly try to clean the upper parts. Remember to do this when the engine is cold.

3- Before cases of leakage, visit the mechanic. For example, in cases of water or oil leakage, you should take the car preferably to the mechanic so that he can analyze and solve the problem.

4- Periodically check the bayonet that indicates the oil level. While checking the oil level in your vehicle, you should pay attention to the dipstick or bayonet. Check that it is well located and that it marks correctly.

5- If your motor is very dirty, it is best to wash it with pressurized water. You must be very careful and try not to touch the electrical parts with the jet of the gun or hose. If you do not consider yourself with the technical capabilities to perform this cleaning, it is preferable to leave this task in the hands of experts.

6- If your vehicle is constantly leaking oil, open the hood and check to see if it is any part of the engine that needs to be replaced.

7- The antifreeze fluid should be changed every two years. This will ensure that you extend the life of the motor.

8- Pay attention to the edges of the battery. If they have acid, it is best to wash them with a brush and plenty of water.

9- Check electrical harnesses constantly. They must not be bare since they could cause a short circuit.

10- Visually check the condition of the engine belts. If these are cracked, it would be best to think about changing them.

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