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4 Noise from Your Car's Suspension that can Cause Problems


If your car's suspension makes strange noises, you might be shaken ... or worse! Don't ignore the signs of shock absorber problems on your car. But what do these different sounds mean and how can they be fixed?

Most people think of a vehicle's suspension as just absorbing shock - a feature that gives you a comfortable and smooth ride. But when your car or truck starts making strange noises while slowing down or around a corner, it's not just for your comfort. Let’s see why.

How suspension systems work:

Road shock-absorbing springs are attached to your car's frame. This is the role of the shock absorbers: to absorb the shocks caused by the movement of the springs.

  • Around the suspension is a coil called the suspension strut. The suspension strut helps dissipate shocks.
  • These parts work together to ensure a comfortable ride and keep the tires on the road.

Don't destroy your tires:

Uneven wear on your tires can indicate that the suspension system is not functioning properly as a shock must apply even pressure to the entire tire. You will already have to replace the suspension parts ... don't add the cost of new tires!

Does your car make these noises?

Many noises can come from worn or defective parts and alert you to problems. Above all, do not put your safety at risk by driving with faulty shocks and struts, especially if you hear ...

1. Knocking when slowing down or in a turn:

This is probably an indication that your worn shocks are strongly vibrating the coil springs against your vehicle's frame.

2. A growl or squeal:

When slowing down or when cornering, a growl or squeal indicates that your front steering gear is worn. You could lose control of your vehicle.

3. Noises of rusty door hinges:

Faulty ball joints in your suspension make sounds comparable to rusty door hinges when moving up and down or forward and back.

4. Clashes:

Since most parts of a suspension can make noise as soon as they start to wear out, knocking is more difficult to tell apart. The knocking could be a symptom of something more serious and is worth checking out.

Consult your mechanic:

Describe any unusual noises to your mechanic. They can help you diagnose the problem much faster.

  • Suspension systems are not only complicated, they are also essential to your safety.

Don't hesitate to go to a repair shop if you hear the above noises while driving.

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