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Sep 09 2021

Eliminate Viruses in Cars With Disinfectants, Beware Not Too Often!


During this COVID-19 pandemic, health protocols are mandatory. In fact, disinfectant liquids are also widely used for cars to clean germs to viruses. The question is, how effective is the use of disinfectant liquid to clean the car?

Do not Carelessly Spray Disinfectant:

In order to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus or corona, it is recommended that you frequently clean the car in certain parts. Such as, door handles, car starter, steering wheel, transmission lever, all buttons and knobs on the dashboard, and everything that is often touched by hands. But remember, when cleaning the car cabin with disinfectant, you must really pay attention to it. Disinfectant liquid that is commonly used to clean the floor of the house usually contains chloride or chloride which is corrosive. Actually, you can make your own disinfectant using 70 percent alcohol, just like making hand sanitizer. Using this liquid is relatively good because almost all interior surfaces of the car can be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol. However, don't use alcohol above 70 percent too often, especially on leather parts, because this can actually damage it. What is not recommended is to use hydrogen peroxide or better known as bleach when cleaning the interior of the car because the liquid is dangerous for your car seats. In addition, the use of ammonia-based liquids is also not recommended to clean the touch screen because it can make it insensitive to the touch. The safest way to clean a car or motorcycle is to use a cleaning fluid recommended for car interiors. You can also use a mixture of water and baby soap or antiseptic soap because it contains a safe pH for car interior coatings. Use a spray bottle, and you're ready to clean your favorite vehicle. You don't need to spray it a lot so you don't have trouble rinsing. We recommend using a microfiber cloth to clean the surface after spraying the soap and water mixture.

Car Interior Care to Avoid Covid-19:

The cleanliness of the interior of the car greatly affects the condition of the durability and durability of all its parts. Believe it or not, a well-maintained car interior can increase the selling price of the car you have. In addition, car interior care will also help maintain the health of friends and family while in the car. So, what are the ways to maintain car interiors so that they are always kept clean and in good condition? Let's look at simple car interior care tips that you can do at home, be it on weekends or in your spare time.

Car Interior Maintenance on the Seats:

The most important car interior care is the upholstery (car seat) which must be cleaned every day. Always clean before and after use so that you feel comfortable and away from viruses, dust and dirt. How to clean it is quite easy, use a duster or wet cloth to clean the surface of the seat. After that, use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust that is lodged between the seat and back seats. Do it repeatedly until you feel that the seats in the car are free of dust and dirt.

Clean the Windshield and Side:

The next car interior care is to maintain the cleanliness and shine of the car glass. Cleanliness of the windshield, right side and also the inside left side greatly affects driving safety. If you don't pay attention to this component, it will potentially endanger you while driving. Cleanliness of the windshield is very important because it will affect the driver's eye visibility. Dust and dirt that sticks will make visibility blurry. As for the right and left side of the glass, it is also obligatory to keep it clean because if it is dirty it will affect the activity when it will overtake another vehicle or when it will turn. How to clean it is quite easy, use water on a chamois cloth to remove the attached dust. After that use a dry cloth so that the remaining water does not cause spots on the glass. In addition, there are other ways to clean car windows, namely using a special glass cleaner.

Clean the Footrest:

The third car interior maintenance is cleaning the footrest. The number of small pebbles and soil carried into our cars by sandals or shoes makes our feet uncomfortable. Friends should often clean it using a special car broom on a regular basis. Furthermore, to get maximum results, you can use a vacuum cleaner so that the remnants of dust can be lifted. Thus the footrest in your car becomes more comfortable.

Steering Wheel Car Interior Maintenance:

The steering wheel is one part that interacts directly with both hands. So you are obliged to keep it clean and carry out car interior maintenance in this section. If left unchecked, germs and dirt on the steering wheel will stick to the hands. For this reason, clean the steering wheel of your friend's car often using a damp chamois so that dust and bacteria on the steering surface can be lifted. Next, clean the parts around the steering wheel that interact directly with your hands so that they are always kept clean

Clean the Inside Rearview Mirror:

Car interior maintenance in this section is obligatory. The mirror on the inside of the car in the middle of the top has a function to help see the rear area so that it can make it easier for friends when parking or being able to observe the situation while traveling. Just imagine if the rear view mirror is blurry because of the hand grip or a lot of dust attached. Surely the function will not be perfect because the area we see in the mirror is not clearly visible.

Clean AC Ventilation Hole:

The next car interior care is taking care of the AC vents. The AC component is a very important component when you want the air in the cabin to be cool. Dirt, bacteria, viruses and dust can stick to the AC vents so you must keep them clean. You can clean it by using a duster made of soft material first, then darken it using a damp chamois. If the car air conditioner is clean, the air circulation in the car will also be clean and of course healthier.

Clean Car Dashboard Parts:

Car interior maintenance on the  dashboard  is very important. Friends who are driving will put a lot of equipment including food in this section.  Now if you are lazy to clean the surface of the car dashboard, it can be at risk of disturbing your health that comes through the food you eat while you are in the car. How to clean it is quite easy, clean it first by using a duster to lift the dust that is on the surface. To remove all the remaining dust, you can wipe it using a damp chamois and spray it with anti-bacterial.

The Importance of Car Interior Care:

It's quite easy not a friend to take the steps in the car interior maintenance above. Car maintenance is not only done on the exterior of the car, but also the interior of the car. Car interior and exterior maintenance is needed so that the car provides maximum benefits in its use. Not a few car owners prefer to take care of their car's exterior than car interior care. In fact, by taking care of the interior of the car, it will make your driving atmosphere more comfortable, you know. In addition, you will also be protected from dust, dirt and bacteria that can interfere with health. So, let's do car interior maintenance so that you are always comfortable driving.

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