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Car Maintenance: 5 Great Tips For Keeping Your Vehicle Like New!


No need to be a mechanic or a perfect handyman to take care of your vehicle! Good maintenance of your car passes above all by simple daily gestures. This will provide your site with better performance, longer life, and greater safety. Significant savings are also key for any owner of a pampered vehicle! Indeed, the risk of breakdown and accident is considerably reduced thanks to the regular monitoring of your car. This will allow you to reduce maintenance costs and prevent you from finding yourself stranded by the road! This, regardless of the model of your car to maintain, sedan, station wagon, convertible, or a small city car.

Here are 5 great tips for maintaining your car properly:


It is very important to regularly wash the exterior of your car and especially the bodywork, to preserve the condition of the paint, especially if you do not have a garage. Pressure washing is the most recommended. A polishing product will also guarantee lasting protection for the varnish. If you want to repair a scratch on the body yourself, different products will be necessary: ​​degreaser, paint, resin, and polisher. A protective wax can also prevent small scratches from dust, washing rollers, etc. Prevent rust from settling by treating the impact of gravel and other blisters. Also, avoid exposing your vehicle too much to the sun, to preserve your bodywork, but also the mechanics.

Also, treat your windshield with a protective cleaner and replace the wiper blades regularly. To give your car a real makeover, you can also deoxidize your headlights yourself. This involves cleaning the headlights which have become opaque over time (dust, mud, insects, etc.) and which end up blurring the lighting a little. You can use warm water and soap. For more thorough cleaning of yellowing headlights, use a polish.

And don't wait to replace the blown headlight bulbs, as well as the fuses. Lighting is essential for your safety when driving at night or in fog. Fuses also protect various electrical functions in your vehicle, such as windshield wipers, ventilators, etc. Building up a small supply of spare fuses means that you will not be caught off guard when needed.


The interior should not be outdone! This is to allow you to drive in pleasant conditions and to give a good picture of the general condition of your car! Pass a cloth on the dashboard to dust it. Also, a vacuum cleaner on the floor mats, the carpet and the seats, after the summer holidays in particular. You know, when you have the impression that all the sand on the beach has slipped into your car ... It is very important to pay particular attention to the maintenance of the carpet at the driver's level. If it is damaged, it in fact lets more moisture through and increases the risk of corrosion of the floor.

In addition, certain products make it possible to absorb bad odors (animals, tobacco…). You can also repair the seats with holes using a cleaning product, microfiber fabric the color of the seat, glue, etc. Clean the stains as quickly as possible, so that they do not get encrusted! You can also waterproof the seats with preventive treatments. This can be important if you have children for example. Remember to replace the possibly faulty car radio, before reselling your car to an individual (link to the article concerned?). This is indeed a very important asset for the sale of a used car.


Checking the condition of the tires is essential for regular car maintenance. It's about your safety, as well as fuel consumption. Regularly check the tire pressure for good handling. Also check for wear (depth of grooves, cracks, dents, etc.) and if necessary, replace your wheels to ensure perfect grip on the ground. These include reducing aquaplaning in rainy weather or avoiding punctures!


Every 1000 km or so, make sure that the oil level is sufficient, in order to promote a longer life for your engine. The method: open the hood, pull the oil dipstick and wipe it with a cloth. Then put the dipstick back in, remove it again and observe where the oil level is. This must be above the “Min” marker (Minimum level). Top up if necessary. Overconsumption of oil can mean that there is a problem with the engine sealing. The good reflex: lean under the car every morning to check for a leak! Do not forget to also check the brake fluid: if the level drops abnormally, there may be a leak in the brake system. In addition, inspect the brake reaction by pressing hard on the pedal, at low speed, and on a clear road.


It is essential to carry out regular oil changes, in accordance with the maintenance booklet for your car. This ensures good quality of the oil present in the engine, the role of which is to lubricate the moving parts and to limit friction between them, but also to remove dirt. You can do it yourself or at a garage. The latter may also carry out a complete overhaul of your vehicle. This will allow you to anticipate possible breakdowns by identifying faulty elements: brake pads, exhaust system, suspension, shock absorbers, running gear, battery, spark plugs, gearbox, etc. The car service is also a good way to prepare your car for technical inspection.

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