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Car Breaking Down? Try Checking These Part On Your Car


As a driver, you must know firsthand the cause of your car breaking down. There are several components that can cause the car to be difficult to start. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware or aware of this. A car that breaks down or has a dead engine is the most common disturbance experienced by car drivers. So you should at least understand what is the cause of the car breaking down and can't be started again. Here are the causes:

Troubled Battery:

This component can be said to be the main factor that causes the car to break down. It is known that the battery itself is the brain of the vehicle. If it is damaged it can cause the car to break down. Moreover, when the battery has started to soak but still continues to be forced. This can in fact trigger problems with other components. In this case, you have to make sure your car breaks down due to a damaged battery or not. If so, then you have to buy a new battery. However, keep in mind that not all failures are caused by the battery. However, it could also be due to the lack of tightness of the battery terminals, causing the vehicle engine to suddenly die.

Troubled Alternator:

Another factor that can cause a car to break down is a problematic alternator. The alternator itself is actually very useful as a supply of electricity or electricity supply to the battery. Now if this component is damaged, the battery cannot be used so the car engine is reluctant to start.


Overheat in fact can also trigger this. Because, the engine temperature is too high can cause the car to stop suddenly. Usually, this condition is caused by a problem with the car radiator.

Gearbox Runs Out of Oil:

Basically, the gearbox is a component that is quite important in the vehicle. Therefore, you must routinely carry out inspections, especially on the lubricant. Do not let the shortage or even run out of oil. Meanwhile, the amount of oil is adjusted to the type and model of the vehicle.

Car Carburetor:

Problems that often occur in the carburetor are usually related to too little fuel entering. As a result, the combustion process cannot be carried out completely. This is what causes the car to be difficult to start.

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