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The Car Battery is Broken, What to Do?


Does your car no longer start in the morning? Does it have trouble restarting even after a ride? It is possible that this is coming from the battery. It may be broken down or simply discharged. Before considering replacing it, know that it is not necessarily out of order. How do I know if my battery has died?

First of all, find out what may be the causes of the Failure:

Before replacing a battery that is showing signs of weakness, it is sometimes a good idea to check whether an unexpected action or item has caused a simple discharge. Prolonged parking is often the cause of a dead battery. Some electrical components work without the need to switch the ignition on, especially on older cars. A simple forgetting to turn off the radio, a ceiling light, forgetting to turn off your headlights or even improperly closing a door can lead to a rapid discharge of the battery.

Also be aware that, if you only make short trips, the battery may not have time to recharge properly. After a while, it no longer has the necessary energy and is discharged.

What Should I do When my Battery is Dead?

When you are caught off guard and do not have the necessary accessories to "boost" the battery, the "D" system remains, ie pushing the car. It is always possible to ask a neighbor or passers-by for help when you are not at home. Disengage, engage second gear, and get pushed. When the car has gained enough momentum, release the clutch. This is usually sufficient to start the car.

If you have cables, try connecting to another vehicle's battery. You will have enough power to start the engine. Be careful not to reverse the poles.

If Possible, have it Recharged:

A battery can discharge for various reasons. Prolonged parking, strong variations in temperature, human error, in short, this can happen and does not mean that the battery is “screwed”. If this should happen, be aware that it is advisable to carry out complete reloading, at home, or at your garage if the necessary tools are not available. If the battery is not very old, there is a good chance that it will find a new youth. Before replacing it, first, try to recharge it!

Your Battery no Longer holds a Charge, it is Better to Replace it:

If despite your best efforts (recharging, longer trips, etc.) your battery is still showing signs of weakness and preventing you from getting to work on time in the morning, consider replacing it, because it is certainly at the end of its life. life and will continue to cause problems. A battery lasts about 5 years. If this is the case with yours, it may be time to replace it.

Many external factors, but also the increasing electronic equipment of our cars, sometimes put a strain on the battery. It sometimes discharges for no apparent reason (age, forgetfulness, intense cold or excessive heat ...), but that does not mean that it must be replaced. A few tips (pushing the car, cables, recharging, etc.) can usually remedy the problem without having to change the battery.

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