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Feb 06 2018

Used Pickups Trucks Under $5000 You Can Buy in 2018

Many people think buying a good pickup truck costs you an arm and leg, but it is not true. You do not need to break the bank to buy a cheap reliable pickup truck.

Every year many new trucks are bought for many purposes. It means that there are many trucks that you can purchase used. Here are some pickup trucks you can purchase in 2017.

1999 Ford Ranger

1999 Ford Ranger

Ford is one of the most trusted brands in the world when it comes to pickup trucks. It offers Ford Ranger that is one of the best pick up trucks. There are plenty of low-cost options available with Ford Ranger. 1999 Ford Ranger is a good option that is available at a reasonable price. The versatility of 1999 ford trucks makes it on this list. You can find a cheaper pickup truck with a price range under $5000.

2010 Chevy Colorado

2010 Chevrolet Colorado

It is a 2010 truck but it can be found at a surprisingly low price. This truck is expected to conquer the pickup truck market in the upcoming years as its all-in-one concept is attractive to a big number of consumers. It offers a smooth ride. GM has improved the safety of this truck by adding standard side curtain airbags.

2001 GMC Sierra


GMC has vast experience in producing pickup trucks and many of them are among the best. 2001 truck is a great pick for your money due to extra seating, great fuel economy, and 4x4 shifting. It is a good pickup truck that is suitable for basic city driving to heavy-duty haulage.

2000 Toyota Tundra

2000 Toyota Tundra

This truck was announced in May 1999 as 2000 model. Earlier it was named as T150s which later changed to Toyota Tundra due to a lawsuit filed by Ford. It was nominated as the truck of the year by Motor Trend Magazine in 2000 and 2008. You can find this pickup truck but it may require some research. You should expect a high mileage of this truck.

2004 Toyota Tacoma

2004 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma is a pickup truck manufactured by Toyota since 1995. It is sold in many countries.It is available with an inline 4 or V6-no V8 option. It is famous for being a capable, long-lasting and economical pickup with a good fuel economy.  Many buyers prefer a stronger V6 engine. In this price range, it is a good truck.

2001 Dodge Ram 2500

2001 Dodge Ram.

It is an ideal vehicle for you if you need a truck that can be used for heavy duties. This truck features a durable and powerful Cummins diesel engine.

2003 Nissan Frontier

2003 Nissan Frontier

Nissan is a famous Japanese automaker for producing reliable vehicles. It has been an affordable truck since the start of its production. But, some people express the downside of this truck is that it only offers a king or Crew cab with a 6ft. bed, while Ford offered a regular cab with a 7ft. bed on the ranger. You can find plenty of used trucks under $5000 if that does not matter to you.

You can choose a truck that fits your needs. You can find these pickup trucks under $5000. It is better to put enough time in research before making a final choice.

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