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Reason You Should Routinely Service Cars at the Workshop


Your vehicle components, need maintenance. Moreover, your car is often used every day. Can be for work or traveling with family. Regular car service does not guarantee that the car is free from damage. It can reduce the intensity of damaged components with regular service. Periodic service is a guide from the manufacturer to every vehicle owner to routinely carry out periodic maintenance. So from there it is clear, it is obligatory to carry out periodic car service. This is in order to maintain the condition of the engine, suspension, electricity so that it is always optimal. Periodic service itself must be carried out every time the multiple of the odometer touches 10,000 km. However, if the condition of the road that is often traversed is quite bad, and there are frequent traffic jams, the mileage can not be used as a reference. In theory, a distance of 10,000 km can be achieved in just six months. But in fact, in big cities, it can only be reached for more than six months due to prolonged traffic jams.

The following are reasons why it is important to have your car serviced regularly:

Ensuring Safety on the Road:

The main reason for routinely servicing the car is for the safety of you, your family, and anyone who rides in the car. When an accident occurs, it is often caused by a car that is also not regularly serviced. The braking system, lack of engine oil, damaged windshield wiper rubber, may sound trivial. Though these little things may be the main cause of a serious accident. By servicing your car regularly, you can tell if something is wrong with your car and it can be fixed immediately.

Prevent Component Malfunctions and Unexpected Costs:

When traveling long distances, you've seen a car that had to stop on the side of the road because it was damaged. Surely that doesn't want to happen to you, right? To prevent this, do the service periodically the answer. You can also avoid unexpected costs such as renting a towing because you have to bring a broken car on the side of the road to a repair shop and also have to spend extra money for taking another vehicle. Car component malfunctions can also be prevented due to regular servicing. The mechanics will find the cause and fix it before something worse can happen to the car.

Improve Car Performance:

Routine servicing can keep the car's performance in like new condition. Cars that are regularly maintained will be more responsive, smoother when driving, and also comfortable for the driver.

Fuel Efficiency:

Every car has its own fuel efficiency standards. But what often happens, drivers complain that their cars are wasteful of gasoline, which does not match the manufacturer's claims. One of the reasons is that the car is rarely serviced regularly. As a result, you have to pay extra when filling gas. In fact, by carrying out regular servicing, all car components can work properly and have an effect on more efficient refueling.

Extend Car Life:

Regular servicing can prevent malfunctions of car components, improve performance, improve fuel efficiency, and also make the car last longer. This periodic service also ensures that your vehicle is in very good condition. The good condition of the car also affects the longevity of the car.

Reduce Pollution:

Every time you drive, a conventional-fueled car will emit carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gas. One way to reduce the carbon gas is to carry out regular service, how come? This is because a car that is not serviced regularly can potentially produce exhaust emissions with higher carbon content. Meanwhile, by servicing, you can get all the components good so that it doesn't have an impact on bad exhaust emissions.

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