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Oct 07 2017

Five Myths about Buying Used Cars

Used cars have become a major contribution in automotive industry. These cars offer quality at a reasonable price. Buying these cars should be hassle-free. But, many myths and misconnections can make it difficult for users to buy these cars. Here are a few misconceptions about used cars and their reality.  

Used Cars are not reliable

Many users who want to buy used cars do not do so just because they think these as unreliable. It is not true. Nowadays cars are made to last for a longer time. Advancement in technologies has made the vehicles powerful and now they can last past the 250,000 kilometer mark.

However, Car needs to be taken care of to last for a longer time.  It means it needs to go through regular oil change and maintenance.

If you want to know about the reliability of a used vehicle you can read online reviews about the car. Many users share their opinions about the experience with cars. Getting in touch with these users can provide you important information.

 Used Cars Do Not Provide Any Resale Value

It is a commonly held myth about used cars. Due to being a second hand car, used cars are not said as having any resale value.

If properly maintained a used car can last for longer period of time. It helps to keep the resale value high. Remember that you are buying a used car that will make you pay less in the start.

Private Sellers Provide a Better Deal

Many people get confused when buying used cars. Dealing with a private seller or a dealer are two options they find in front of them. However, it is a common myth that private sellers offer better deals when buying used cars. It is true that you can get a better deal with a private seller but not sure you will get a good car.

Private seller can hide facts about the car they are selling. They may not give you the precise information about the car and its problems. Dealers on the other hand take care of what they sell. Dealers need to keep their goodwill. Many dealers even offer certified pre-owned cars.

Prefer a Car with Lower Mileage

Many buyers consider a car with lower mileage better than a car with a longer mileage. But, this may not be true. Car maintenance makes a big difference. A car with a lower mileage breaks down easily if it is not taken care of. It is better to ask the dealership about the condition of car. It is better to ask your dealer about what you are getting.

Dealers Want to Get Extra Money from You

Many people think of dealers just as people who want to make more money from them. Different types of fees make them suspicious. It can be true to some extent, but, it is not true for most dealers.

New car dealerships also charge fees when someone buys vehicles from them. Most used car dealers follow the same suit and offer only what is necessary.  

To make it sure that you are making the best deal take a look at invoice. You can check which fees are legitimate. You can negotiate with the dealer about it. Ask the dealer if you are not clear about anything.

Used Cars Warranties are Always Scam

Many used car dealers offer warranties on used cars. It should be peace of mind for many buyers. However, if you do not know what a warranty does for you may consider it a scam.  

Most warranties offered by used car dealers are totally legitimate. However, you should not just buy a warranty. Get all the details about the warranty. Ask the dealer all relevant questions before buying. If you think it is a good investment, take it. Leave it otherwise. 

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