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10 Maintenance Tips To Make Your Car Last Longer

Regular maintenance of your car keeps it in good condition and makes it go for longer. Additionally, it makes it look brand new every time. It is recommended to follow your maintenance schedule and never ignore minor repairs as they may turn into bigger problems in the future.

Here are some maintenance tips to make your car last longer.

  • Check your Air Filters

Check your air filters regularly. Many car problems arise due to clogged air filters. These filters get clogged over time and you should change them after a certain period of time. Generally, it is recommended to change them after one year. Additionally, wash your filters regularly.

You can replace the air filters easily. Just call a mechanic nearby and ask them to change the filters. However, you can also do it yourself. Consult the owner’s manual and find advice on filter changes and cleaning.

  • Keep it Covered

It is best if your car stays in the garage. However, if it is not possible to park it in a shade. If no shade is available or parking under a tree does not suit you, use a car shade to reduce the sun’s impact. You will have a cooler car when it is a hot sunny day if you cover it.

Covering your car will keep its outer structure and paint from damage. In addition, it will make your car last longer and brand new for longer. So, try to keep your car covered when it is not in the garage.  

  • Drive Better

Your driving style reflects the condition of your car. By driving harshly you expose it to more wear and tear and it can also damage the car permanently. On the other hand, driving safely and smoothly can reduce the wear and tear on the car. It can also save on future fuel costs.  

Do not accelerate fast when you have just begun the drive. Start the car slowly and smoothly and begin your journey. Another thing you need to avoid is sudden braking. Always avoid sudden stops as doing so may cause damage to your car engine. Additionally, stay away from distractions.

  • Take Care of Headlights

The headlights of your car lighten up the road ahead of you. In the absence of the proper lighting, you may face visibility issues on the road.  It can be a risky situation if you drive at night without headlights on. So, take care of your car headlights. Replace them if it is necessary.   

  • Take Care of the Car Interior

The interior of your car is necessary to be maintained as it is where you spend your time. A worn out interior makes you uncomfortable. You can find scratches on the dashboard and smudges on the windows.

The best way of maintaining your interior is to give it a quick clean whenever you get out of the car. Use a spray when you leave your car. In addition, you can use a cloth each time you find anything undesirable.

  • Inspect Fluids Regularly

Fluids and oils are necessary for the running of your car. If you fail to replenish them you may face dire consequences. Check your engine oil regularly. Pay attention to the color of the oils to judge the quality and replace them if you feel they are not in good condition.

Car coolant reservoir is another area you need to check regularly. You need to top it up. Moreover, check the transmission fluid too after warming up the car.

  • Check Your Tires

Car tires are the component of your car that you need to take care because the movement of the car is possible by their interaction with the road surface.  Checking your tires regularly could save you in fuel costs.

Maintains the tire pressure as per the recommendations of the manufacturer as the under-inflated tires may increase fuel consumption. It is also good to rotate your tires in order to even out wear and prolong tire life.

  • Change Your Spark Plugs

If the engine of your car is not functioning well, check the spark plugs of your car. Check them and replace if necessary. You can do this job yourself to optimize the performance of your car. You can see the owner’s manual to read about the instructions regarding spark plugs.

  • Keep the Weight Down

Putting up extra weights is a surefire way of increasing the fuel consumption of your car. It also puts additional strain on other parts such as tires, brakes, and suspension bushes.

You can start by removing extra objects from your car. Look on the boot and clear out everything you do not need.

  • Carry the Automotive Tools

It is a good practice to be ready to face any situation and carry the necessary tools with you. Delay in the repair can cause more damage.  It is recommended to inspect the problem yourself first whenever you feel that the car is not working efficiently. Then you can take it to a mechanic if it needs additional care. 

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