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Easy Solutions to Repaint A Car


A car's paintwork is subject to daily shocks and over time the paint becomes dull, becomes covered with fine scratches and its color may even tarnish. Washing alone is not enough to restore it.

Make the Body Shine with Varnish:

The polish contains fine abrasives which remove a thin layer of the lacquer coating, even out the reflections of the surface which make it shine.

There are many polishing products on the market, each with its own instructions for use.

  • Whichever product you choose, clean and dry your car before you polish it. Apply the varnish to the body with a microfiber cloth.
  • Work over an area of ​​about one square meter (three square feet) at a time, rubbing the polish in circular, straight motions. The varnish becomes more and more transparent.
  • Before the polish dries completely, buff the varnished areas to a shine with chamois leather.

Protect the Bodywork with Wax:

Wax protects your car from the elements and gives it a glossy appearance.

  • It is advisable to wax automatically after varnishing a car, but you can apply the wax at any time.
  • As with varnish, there are hundreds of products available, from classic waxes to the latest polymers to liquid spray waxes which are much easier to apply than hard waxes.

Whatever wax you use, it is best to apply it on a cloudy day and not in direct sunlight.

  • Strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions; some waxes need to be applied to the paint, some via a supplied applicator.

Touch up the Deepest Scratches:

Scratches and chips that get under the lacquer finish of the car cannot be removed by polishing.

  • If you scratch the scratch with a fingernail and it sticks, you will need to purchase a touch-up kit from your dealer and follow the instructions.
  • For an exact match, find the code number of your paint; it is usually printed on the driver's door jamb or under the hood.
  • Some auto stores can match a paint color; if you can, bring a removable part of the car (the gas tank cap for example).

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