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Car Care Tips To Stay Durable And Comfortable Driving


Carrying out car maintenance certainly needs to be done so that your vehicle is always in prime condition when driving. Of course you don't want when the car is being used for near or far trips to die in the middle of the road. Not to mention that you do not really understand the world of cars and there is an urgent need of course this will be very confusing. Both automatic and manual car maintenance must be done regularly. Therefore it is necessary to take care of the vehicle, consider the following tips.

1. Choose the Right Car Fuel:

You should choose a fuel that makes the car's engine performance more perfect. It is recommended to choose a fuel whose octane rating is recommended by the manufacturer, which can be said to have a high octane rating. The octane value is the number of pressures given when the fuel is burned spontaneously before it is burned. The higher the octane rating, the slower the fuel burns. This has a function that does not leave residues that interfere with engine performance.

2. Check the Oil Regularly:

Types of car maintenance that must be checked regularly for oil. Usually when you service your car at an official repair shop, the time for the next oil change will be written on the paper. Or you can also follow the guide, which is to change the oil every 5,000 km. Or when the car engine feels rough, the color of the oil looks black and starts to run out. Engine oil has a function to provide lubricant so that friction in the engine can be reduced.

3. Check and Replace Radiator Water:

To make your car feel more comfortable and last longer, you should always check the radiator water and replace it properly. Radiator water has benefits for the car to cool the engine temperature. When the radiator lacks water, it can affect the car engine. This radiator water filling uses a special liquid. Periodic car maintenance like this should not be ignored.

4. Changing Brake Fluid:

Changing brake fluid sometimes escapes the attention of car owners. This brake fluid has hydroscopic properties that can absorb moisture. Although this oil is in a closed brake system, it is possible that moisture from the surrounding environment is absorbed by the fluid. When the brake fluid is not replaced, rust and corrosion will occur in the car engine. Therefore, change the brake fluid every 60,000 km.

5. Doing Battery Check:

Checking the battery is also considered very important. You can control this battery water for at least two weeks if you use a wet battery. You have to make sure that the battery water is still at the level it should be, which is between the marking limits. You can also measure battery voltage with a voltmeter. Car maintenance costs become cheap if you are diligent in checking every part of the car.

6. Tire and Pressure Check:

When you often travel long distances by car, it is very important to check the tires and pressure. This can be done at least once a month before departure. If the condition of the tire is not possible then it should be replaced immediately. Do not forget to check the condition of the four tires on your car.

7. Headlights and Cable Check:

How to maintain automotive so that it lasts and maximizes? You should also check the condition of the cables and car lights. Pay attention to whether there is a cable that has started to loosen or even almost broken, if there is, replace it immediately. Also pay attention to the condition of the car lights if they have started to dim, don't let the car lights suddenly turn off when on the way. You can choose original spare parts from recommended manufacturers. Thus some car maintenance that you can do to make the life of the car longer and its performance remains perfect. One more thing that should not be forgotten is to wash the car regularly to keep it clean and comfortable to use.

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