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Change a Car Tire? Yes You Can Do It!


Puncture, worn tire… Here are some practical tips on when and how to change a car tire.

Why Change a Tire?

When you think of a tire change, you imagine yourself on the side of the road, the victim of a puncture. Often caused by a sharp object or a blow to the tire, punctures are a must for most car owners.

However, it's not just flat tires that require changing a car tire. In fact, in many cases, tire wear may warrant replacement. The wear is manifested, among other things, by the reduction in the depth of the grooves between the studs of the tire tread. In addition, if the sidewall of the tire has an irregularity, such as a dent, it is a sign that it is damaged. If so, it must be replaced.

The Essential Tools:

You never know when you will need to change a car tire. This is why it is prudent to have these tools in your car at all times.

  • A jack: The jack is a tool that is placed near the wheel and which, activated by hand, allows the car to be raised slightly to allow the tire to be changed. Without a jack, changing a tire yourself will be much more complicated.
  • A nut wrench: This second tool will be used to unbolt the damaged wheel, then to install the second securely.
  • A spare tire: It is necessary to leave a spare tire in your car trunk at all times. If you were to have a flat tire far from town, it would be a shame not to have a spare wheel with you.

Besides these tools, you should think about keeping a flashlight, a waterproof poncho, and a few reflective triangles in case you need to change a tire at night, in the rain, or at the side of a busy road.

Changing a Tire in 5 Steps:

  1. Stop the vehicle on a level surface, then stop it by putting the gear arm in “park”.
  2. Place the jack under the car, perpendicular to the ground, and raise it until the tire to be changed no longer has to support the weight of the car.
  3. After removing the rim, unbolt the wheel to be changed and raise the jack again, this time until the tire is no longer touching the ground. Remove the damaged wheel.
  4. Replace the damaged wheel with the intact wheel, and tighten the nuts by hand.
  5. Lower the jack until the tire touches the ground without supporting the weight of the vehicle and finish tightening the nuts with the nut wrench. Remove the jack from under the vehicle.

If you have had to replace the damaged tire with your vehicle's spare tire, have a new regular tire installed as soon as possible. Spare tires are spare wheels and therefore do not last as long as regular tires.




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