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How to Keep Your Car Longer?


Cars are more and more expensive, especially for the electronics they contain as well as the safety equipment. However, we have the feeling that we keep them for a lot less time than before. The phenomenon of leasing only confirms this trend, the car is becoming a short-term consumable. However, many of us still want to keep our vehicle as long as possible or wish to resell it at the best price. It is for this reason that maintenance is essential.

Observe the Maintenance Book:

With the car, the dealer gives you an operating manual as well as a maintenance book. In the beginning, it must be scrupulously observed in order to be able to invoke the guarantee in the event of breakdown or defect. You must maintain your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. It is important to have your car serviced regularly in order to check the condition of the engine, suspensions, and brake systems. During these visits, the garage will change the engine oil, change the oil and air filters as well as the air conditioning controls. When the vehicle is no longer under warranty, it is important to continue to respect the maintenance booklet if you want to keep your car as long as possible.

Carry out the various checks of the vehicle regularly. Every month, check the oil, brake and coolant levels, and tire pressure. It is a matter of safety and you will also be able to preserve your car more easily. More frequently, check that lights and alarms are working properly.

Don't Wait to Make Repairs:

If any part of the car is damaged or you notice any noise or abnormal driving sensation, do not wait to go to the garage. Sometimes one part in poor condition can cause another to malfunction and degrade the rest of the mechanics. Today, thanks to new electronic systems, wear alarms are much more efficient and they can avoid this type of problem. So don't wait to change apart. Today, most garage owners offer payment facilities to help customers spread their payment over several monthly installments. It is a way of encouraging motorists to maintain their vehicles regularly and not to wait before changing a broken or defective part.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean:

We would tend not to take this detail into account, but keeping your vehicle clean is also essential to keep your vehicle in good condition and keep it as long as possible. Regular cleaning preserves the coverings, the ventilation systems, or the various elements of the dashboard. It is best to avoid cigarette smoke, which becomes embedded in the fabrics and pollutes the indoor environment. Regularly, it is necessary to ventilate and sanitize your car. Start by dusting the plastics and vacuuming the floors and seats. You can use a steam cleaner to remove dirt. Then clean the interior windows. Wash the bodywork and rims and finish with the exterior windows and headlights. Finally, use a cabin disinfectant that you will diffuse in the car with the ventilation system.

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