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Aug 13 2018

8 Ways to Increase Your Car’s Horsepower

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Almost everyone wants to increase the horsepower of their car. You are not alone if you are also thinking about this. We want our vehicles to go faster, but how much? The answer could be “more”, simple.

Let us take a look at some of the ways to increase the horsepower in your car’s engine. In addition, there are some modifications that can result in the increased performance of your car.

1. Install a High-Performance Cold Air Intake

The colder air is denser which means more air per volume. You can observe it when a balloon may appear to deflate in the cold outside or the car tires appear to lose air in the winter. For you, it means that denser the air is going into your car’s engine the more air molecules are present to mix with the fuel to burn and create power. In other words, the cleaner, better, deeper and efficient your car can breathe in and out, the more potential you have for increased horsepower. So, how to apply it?

It is done by cold air intakes. They do exactly this. Cold air intakes draw air into the car from a “colder” place outside the vehicle. Supported with special filters they increase the surface area in which the air is pulled into the engine.  It also helps in reducing resistance and turbulence that would reduce or hinder steady airflow to the engine.   

2. Install a High-Flow Air Filter and Intake

Need a quick and easy way to throw a few more horsepowers at your engine?  Swap out your air filter immediately for a high-performance one. By allowing your engine to breathe better, it kicks in a small amount of additional power.

3. High-Performance Exhaust System

A high-performance exhaust system can work for you if you want to increase horsepower. Install a free flow exhaust with larger diameter piping will allow your car to expel exhaust quicker. By increasing the inhaling of fresh oxygen and faster exhaling of carbon monoxide a high-performance exhaust system increases horsepower.

4. Supercharger

Forced induction systems can offer a significant increase in horsepower by compressing the air flowing into your engine. However, it depends on your engine and wallet if they can support this upgrade. The forcing of more air results in the mixing of more fuel and more power output. Moreover, they are easier to install as compared to turbochargers. They are more effective on 6-cylinder engines, vs. four. An intercooler is not required that leaves less room for heat issues or break down.  

5. Turbocharger

A turbocharger gets its power on the way out from the exhaust as compared to a supercharger that derives its power from a belt connecting directly to the engine on the way in. The efficiency of the turbocharger reflects from the fact that they “recycle” energy from the exhaust system to power themselves.

You have read about the ways to increase your car’s horsepower. However, you should focus on “how not to lose the horsepower” of your car as well. Your car’s performance also depends on how you treat it. Here are some ways you can improve the performance of your car.

6. Tune it Up

Make sure that your car is tuned up. It is important because if your spark plus are not sparking, your engine is not performing. Keeping healthy spark plugs in your car maintain its performance. In addition, upgrading to higher spark plugs may also lead to improved performance.

7. Lubricate

Keep in mind that anything that creates friction in your car’s engine reduces its performance. Make sure that you change all of your car’s fluids on schedule. The condition of the car’s motor oil should be good as it can do more for your engine output.

8. Remove the Junk

The performance of your car also depends on the weight of your car. It is recommended to remove all the junk to improve its performance. You can remove things like spare tires, back seats, air conditioners, speakers, and car jacks. Be removing these items you can witness an increase in your car’s performance. 

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