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Tips for Choosing the Right Mechanic


Whether you're looking for the safety of working in a large dealership or chain of garages, or the personalized service of a small, independent mechanic - it doesn't matter. Here's how to make sure your car's engine gets the proper care.

Ask For Recommendations:

Talk to your family, friends, and coworkers - anyone you trust - to ask them to recommend a mechanic for you.

  • Give more weight to people who have the same make of car or seem more knowledgeable about their repairs and their mechanic.
  • Also ask for recommendations on social media.

What Do We Say?

There are various consumer advocacy groups online, and even automotive groups.

  • These can tell you about the mechanics in your neighborhood and tell you what to look out for as well as possible problems.

Check The Qualifications:

  • Is the mechanic a qualified professional? A licensed mechanic?
  • Many garages specialize in certain makes or models of cars.
  • Does the mechanic's area of ​​expertise cover your needs?
  • Can he do your repairs on site or will your car be sent to another mechanic whose specialization matches your problem?

Are The Mechanic's Explanations Clear?

Does he clearly explain what he is going to do? Does he take the time to answer your questions? Does he give you a quote and he sticks to it? If more repairs need to be done, will he contact you before incurring any additional expenses?

Start Smoothly:

Before entrusting major repairs to this mechanic, start with a small harmless job (oil change or tire rotation) to judge his competence.

  • The job must be done well, on time, and not go over budget.

Is The Work Guaranteed?

Ask him what guarantee he offers for his work.

  • This warranty may vary from one workshop to another. Take a common repair (the brakes, for example) as a point of comparison.

Remember The Location:

Since your car can stay in the repair shop for at least a day, it should be easily accessible by public transport.

  • Some garages offer to pick up and drop off customers.
  • Large garages sometimes offer temporary auto loans.

When it comes to finding a new mechanic, we often fear that we will be… taken over. We need to know that our mechanic charges us fairly and only for necessary repairs.

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